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I love my stationery and since young I have always tagged every piece of my property with my name. But now I found an even better and easier way to get my name printed on it. Stamp it with Stamptastic!

Stamptastic is a personalised stamp usable on fabric, metal, wood and some plastics. It comes in a clear stylish block and measures 5 cm length by 4 cm width by 1.5 cm thick. The actual stamping surface is 38mm x 15mm. It is not particularly easy to hold as it is a smooth block but with the groove on each side, it is quite comfortable to hold. Also with it being transparent, it allows you to have precise positioning!

I had ordered the stamp with my children’s name on it. It is not necessary to have names as you could have telephone numbers etc. and you can use different fonts and font sizes in the stamp designer to fit in the desired number of letters. You can also have pictures / symbols too – just speak to the staff!

We tried it on the children’s clothing, comb, lunch box, stationery and many more. Both children were so excited to put the stamp to the test! But please be aware that the black ink pad is in fact permanent ink. So use with caution with children just in case they stamp it onto themselves or others.

We have used it for over a week and have washed their school clothing. Their names are still very much visible as before. It is mentioned on their website that it should sustain about 40 – 50 washes. Their ink is an oil-based ink, which is the equivalent of a marker pen. I am very happy and impressed with the stamp and I would recommend them. This is so much easier to label items by stamping than sewing or ironing it! It is affordable and you can use it for many times! A big thumbs up for this Stamptastic!
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