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Are you fed up with losing your child/ren's belongings at school or nursery? I am.

Do you find that it’s time consuming to write the name on the items so they don’t go missing? I do.

Time is precious as a mother of two children who continue to keep me on my toes. Family time is our happy time and anything that helps to increase that time is a bonus in our house, a very welcome added bonus, I’m sure most parents would agree.

With my eldest Ronnie who has been going to the nursery since he was 8 months whilst I went back to work part time. Packing his nursery bag can be daunting, no matter what I bought or how nice the clothes were, sometimes they ended up the same result; MISSING!

There were a few incidents when Ronnie brought home other children’s clothes and cuddly toys because they weren’t labelled. Also, we once had to chase his favourite comforter and ended up picking it up from one of his friends’ house as it was put in her bag by accident and Ronnie refused to sleep that night.

Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps

With that in mind, when there was an opportunity to collaborate with Stamptastic. Needless to say, the rubber name stamps we have for both kids have been an absolute life savers. I am very pleased with the end to end process and cannot recommend anything but their products.

Personalised Rubber Name Stamps

The ordering process is quick and easy, I love that we can choose fonts and add personalised characters to put on the stamp. Moreover, there is a preview function to ensure that we are happy with the look of our stamps. Obviously, I chose to put dinosaur character for Ronnie as he is a big fan. My princess Ada has a crown as a personalised character. We also ordered a white fabric marker to write on dark coloured labels or shoes.

Customised Rubber Stamps

The delivery is fast and packaging is wonderful. I’m very impressed with the quality of the products, the rubber stamps are well made and have nice weight on. I was so excited to try them on the children belongings.

When I had a chance to try, the products didn’t disappoint me at all. It is very easy to stamp, no high pressure was needed thank to the weight of the stamp. The names came on the labels perfectly and I could stamp all their belongings in no time. Surprisingly, it is therapeutic, so much so I had to go and find more items to stamp haha. Some of their clothes especially Ada's muslin cloths had been in a few washes already, I didn’t notice any fading on the labels at all. I know the ink can withhold up to 50 washes without fading and I can see it’s happening. I can’t wait until Ronnie’s school placement is announced so I can start buying his school stuff and get organising a.k.a stamping!

Now, let’s talk about the white fabric pen. I was quite sceptical about using it as I bought a few pens in the past from various different brands and non of them ever worked. I was so scared to try this pen as I wasn’t prepared to be disappointed again. Much to my  surprise, the pen works amazingly. It was really easy to use and write on clothes. When we started, I didn’t know how efficient it is and I honestly thought it wouldn’t work, so I said to Ronnie we could try it on my top. He gave the pen a good shake, open the lid and started to scribble on my top. After 2 dabs, the ink came out! So, after our creative top decorating session, I tried the pen on various materials such as black cloth labels, Ronnie’s school shoes (yes I’m that organised lol), Ada's cotton top etc. I have to say I’m super pleased with it as it’s so effortless to write on all these materials.

Since having Stamptastic, Ronnie hasn’t lost any clothes at nursery school and I’ll no longer be worrying about Ada's. I also have more confident that when it comes to September time when Ronnie starts school, I will be ahead of the game and have all his school stuff sorted. #supermum

If you ask me to tell you pros and cons for this label stamp, here’s what I can tell you;

Pros: Stylish, Efficient, Time saving, Well designed

Cons: Mhmmmm.. I can’t think any!!

So, if you haven’t invested yourselves in one of these Personalised Name Stamps yet, please check their website and order yourselves one or some now. You will not regret it.

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