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Stamptastic Labelling Kit
Parents can pack away the Sharpie and the iron, the Stamptastic labelling kit is an absolute piece of cake, not to mention a huge time saver when it comes to personalising yours and your kids’ belongings.
Stamptastic is a very efficient set comprising an ink pad and an acrylic block stamp, personalised with any name you choose. The beauty of this set is that the ink is extremely durable, lasting wash after wash on garment labels, staying put on wood, metal, even some plastics.

Stamptastic is a small item and can be posted from the UK to most international addresses.The ink pad comes sealed in a silver pouch for easy storage and keeps the ink nice and fresh.
The sets are entirely customisable; customers have the option to choose font sizes and types, there is even the option to include images on the stamp. Using the simple website tool, customers can enter the name of their choice and place their entire order online.

Almost anyone with a need to label their belongings, or their children’s: parents of school-aged kids, university students, clubs, kindergartens, school and other establishments wishing to label their own garment stocks & supplies. Stamptastic is of great use to almost individual, family or business!
We have rapidly growing tots on our hands here at RZHQ and we are constantly buying new gear for the kids. Clear labelling is absolutely crucial once kids start attending daycare, kindergarten, playgroups and school – belongings are just so easily misplaced.
We find iron-on labels can be very time consuming, and in some cases, expensive. Using a marker can cause ink to bleed into fabric and run when it meets water. Stamptastic is a welcome solution to the labelling issue. We labelled an entire drawer of tees and singlets in a matter of minutes – in fact it took longer to fold the items than to label them!

We labelled stationery, cloth lunch bags and boxes, school bags, even some toys and gadgets that found themselves on the road to Show and Tell. With Stamptastic, labelling is no longer something parents need to schedule time for, it really only takes a matter of seconds.
The ink is such that is won’t run or bleed, and five or six washes – even ten washes later, the stamp still looks fresh.
The convenience of Stamptastic is just brilliant – we’ve been recommending it to all of our friends. It’s good value and an efficient set that all households will get tonnes of use out of.

Stamptastic stamps start at £8 (approximately $13 AUD) and ink pads start are £10 each (approximately $17 AUD). Items can be shipped via Royal Mail to Australia and takes around 5 – 7 days in transit. For more details, head over to the Stamptastic website.


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