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    Excuse the typos and errors but I am currently nursing a stonking hangover. I don't often drink but it was my birthday yesterday and one Prosecco, one Tequila, one Martini Espresso, one Pisco Sour and two White Russians and I am well and truly done in. What do they say about not mixing drinks? 👀

    I took the day off work and enjoyed a birthday in three parts! Firstly I went to the Olympic Cinema in Barnes, if you live nearby and haven't been, go! It's an independent cinema, has a fantastic restaurant and the most comfy reclining seats (and sofas if you are lucky enought to book one).

    Jeff and I went to see the film Bohemian Rhapsody. It was bloody brilliant and even if you aren't a Queen fan I would really recommend going to see it. The actor who played Freddie Mercury, Rami Malek was outstanding and if he doesn't win an Oscar I will be amazed. He transforms into Freddie Mercury and apparently a costume designer recreated a set of Mercury's teeth that Malek carried with him in a plastic container and put into his mouth to practice singing every night. 

    For the second part of my birthday I went into Soho to attend 'Stories of World War I: Turned Red Earth & Changing the Landscape' at The Photographers Gallery as my very talented friend Eleanor Skan is the photographer for the book 'Turned Red Earth'. 'Turned Red Earth' is a limited edition artist's book and prints inspired by WW1 soldiers' encounters with nature, with gorgeous flower photographs. They have a Kickstarter campaign and I can't want to get my book! So proud of you Eleanor!

    Then finally I met up with my friends from 'home' who I have known for 43 years! 😬 We went to The Old Compton Brasserie for drinks and on to Ceviche for dinner afterwards. I have wanted to go to Ceviche for years and it didn't disappoint. The food and service were great. The Cassava ‘yuca’ fries were to die for and I could eat ten plates of them right now. Needing all the carbs right now 😂

    So that was the birthday bit. What about the boobs bit?

    On Sunday I felt a lump in my right boob. I do check my boobs quite regularly but never know if I am doing it properly. I managed to get an appointment with a breast surgeon on Thursday and had a mammogram and ultrasound. I was advised by the surgeon that if I was asked to have biopsy then it wasn't the end of the world but meant there was something that needed invetigating. If there was nothing sinister then I wouldn't need a biopsy at all. So I was keeping everything crossed that I wouldn't need a biopsy. 

    Anyway, I was told by the radiographer that the lumps were cysts and nothing to worry about. I could have them drained if I want but as they are not bothering me I will leave them for now. I hadn't appreciated how worried I was about it and was working out in my head how to tell friends and family the bad news so am obviously relieved that I am fine.

    So apologies, if you are reading this whilst eating your breakfast and thinking it's a bit gross to talk about boobs, cysts and cancer. BUT ladies please check your 🍈 🍈 and if you spot something out of the ordinary please go to the GP immediately!

    As you were.

    Love Fran





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