PTA Rewards Scheme

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    What exactly does PTA stand for?

    PTA, short for Parent Teacher Association, is a collaborative group dedicated to enhancing the school experience. Also referred to as PSA (Parents Staff Association) or Friends of [your school's name], the PTA comprises of volunteers united by their commitment to the school's well-being. While the specifics of each PTA's mission may vary, their overarching goal remains consistent: to organise fundraising endeavours that enrich the school environment. These funds are utilised to acquire supplementary resources or to orchestrate non-profit events aimed at benefitting the students.

    Drawing from our own experiences as PTA volunteers, we recognise the myriad of challenges faced by those who selflessly devote their time. In response, Stamptastic proudly presents the PTA Rewards Scheme, designed to simplify the fundraising process!


    When customers place an order for the Name Labels Deluxe Bundle using your PTA Code, they receive a £4.99 discount, while your PTA earns a 15% commission on the entire order (exclusive of VAT).

    Since 2014, we've proudly distributed over £49,000 in commissions, exemplifying our steadfast dedication to supporting PTAs. With over 2,200 PTA affiliates, our network continues to grow, empowering communities to thrive.

    5 Simple Steps to Kick Start Fundraising for Your School

    ●  Register your PTA for the Stamptastic PTA Rewards Scheme (please have your PTA bank details available).

    ●  Upon registration, we'll promptly dispatch your PTA Code and User Friendly Affiliate Link to commence fundraising.

    ●  Promote your PTA Code through various channels such as school newsletters, Facebook pages, Twitter, PTA events and websites (PTAs embedding the User Friendly Affiliate link on the School Website to Stamptastic witnessed a 20% increase in commission!).

    ●  Monitor your commission effortlessly via your private login area.

    ●  Receive your commission payments automatically via bank transfer a minimum of 3 times a year.

    Advantages of The Stamptastic PTA Rewards Scheme:

    ●  Streamlined payments eliminate the hassle of handling cheques or cash, alleviating stress for the PTA Treasurer!

    ●  Enhanced transparency and independence are assured through our use of independent affiliate software, meticulously recording all transactions.

    ●  With a 90-day cookie lifetime, PTA affiliates continue to earn commissions for sales made within the subsequent 90 days following a visitor's initial click on the User Friendly Affiliate Link.

    ●  All orders are placed directly on the Stamptastic website by the customer, eliminating the need for PTA volunteers to collect, collate, submit or distribute orders.

    ●  Bid farewell to the arduous task of sorting and washing lost property at the end of each term!

    Additional Benefits of Joining The Stamptastic PTA Rewards Scheme:

    ●  Upon registration, your PTA will receive a complimentary £24 fundraising voucher.

    ●  Participate in our exclusive Facebook Closed PTA Group for tips, advice and engaging competitions.

    ●  Compose a blog post spotlighting your PTA in exchange for a £30 fundraising voucher. For inspiration, check out this fantastic piece written by Vicky, Chairperson of St.Nicholas Church of England Primary School PTFA in Lancashire. Read her blog

    Stamptastic Is The Easiest & Simplest Way to PTA Fundraise

    What happens next?

    For the magic to work, you will need to register your PTA as an affiliate.

    Register here NOW and your PTA will receive a FREE £24 fundraising voucher!

    Register NowSee if your school is registered

    "Stamptastic really is the easiest way to label all items for school. Once you see how it works it sells itself so the cashback scheme as a school fundraiser is an easy one to make work for everyone"

    Roz - Tetherdown PTA

    “Stamptastic offer a great product. It's so easy to use and lasts longer than any of the labels I've tried. All the parents I know who have purchased can’t recommend it enough. As a PTA of a school of just over 400 pupils not only does it help the school and parents in reducing lost property, but also we get a generous commission which now earns us more than Easyfundraising. “

    Jolie - Elmwood Primary School

    “We have loved working with Stamptastic, the product is brilliant and we get great feedback from parents. They pay the commission straight into our PTA School account and always communicate the amount we have raised. Would highly recommend. “

    Laura - St Alphege Junior, Infant and Nursery School PTA