About Us


Welcome to Stamptastic!

As busy parents ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to keep track of all your children's belongings. From school uniforms to PE kits, it's easy for things to get misplaced. That’s why we created Stamptastic – to make our lives easier and save us time.

 Our Story 

Stamptastic was born from a simple idea: to create a quick and easy way to label children’s school uniform. We were 2 busy Mums with 6 children under the age of 8 and we were totally fed up with the current labelling options out there.

 Somehow, we could never find the time (or inclination!) to sew in or iron on labels and were frustrated with them constantly coming off in the wash. Due to our children's sensory needs, we found that stickers and labels were an irritation to them and so decided to find an alternative.

 We wanted to create something that we could use to quickly label our kids’ school uniforms, especially on those busy school run days when you realise it’s a "dress up as a nocturnal animal day" or other crazy dressing up days where items needed labelling. After almost a year in the planning, trying to fit meetings in around school, nursery and various after-school activities, Stamptastic was born!

 As our eldest child nears the completion of their university degree and our youngest embarks on their GCSEs, we reflect on the journey we've been on.

 What We Offer 

  • Personalised Name Stamps: Our name stamps are perfect for marking clothes, bags, shoes and more. They’re designed to be clear and long-lasting, making sure your child’s items are always identifiable.
  • Ink Pads: Our specially formulated ink is safe for fabrics and lasts through 50 washes on care labels without fading.
  • Stamptastic Extras: We also offer a variety of accessories like white fabric pens and white fabric tape for dark clothing, so you can label everything without hassle.

     Why Parents Love Us 

    1. Saves Time: No more ironing labels or fiddly stickers that fall off in the wash– just stamp and go!
    2. Durable: Our stamps withstand regular washing, ensuring names stay intact.
    3. Cheaper than stick on labels: Incredible long-term value, with each use costing just 1 pence.
    4. Versatile: Perfect for school, nursery, sports, residential trips and beyond.
    5. Ideal for last-minute labelling: Quick and easy to use as you're leaving home for the school run.

    Our Commitment

    At Stamptastic, we’re dedicated to making parents’ lives easier with products that are practical, reliable and fun. We’re always here to help with any questions or to provide tips on getting the most out of your stamps. 

    We hope Stamptastic can bring a bit of ease to your daily routine, giving you more time to focus on what really matters – enjoying moments with your family. Join our community of happy parents who trust Stamptastic to keep their kids’ belongings safe and organised.

    Thank you for supporting us and our Small Business.
    PS if you follow us on Instagram you will have seen our friend's teenage daughter, Lucy, help us with social media. This is a video she made for us when she was 12 when we entered Sir Richard Branson's Pitch To Rich!
    Emma on left, Fran on right.