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The best way to stamp! Please watch this video for the best way to use Stamptastic & achieve the best stamping results:

Here's a little video to show how easy Stamptastic is to use

NB If you are ordering from the Channel Islands or IOM you must put the country as Jersey, Guernsey or IOM, you cannot put the country as UK. Don't worry the postage is still the same as the UK

FAQ's on stamps:

Q1 Can I order stamps with other words rather than names?

A1 Yes-eg: class name, telephone number, Laundry number, post code. If you would like to use Chinese characters, please use the font called Arial Unicode.

Q2 How many letters can you fit in one Stamp?
A2 You can use the different fonts and font sizes in the stamp designer to fit in the desired number of letters. You can put the name on 2 lines or maybe use initials to fit in longer names.

Q3 How long will it take for my stamp to be delivered?
A3 We will dispatch your order the next working day if received after 10am. We offer 3 UK postage options:  Royal Mail 48 hour business post (also known as Second class post) which is free for orders over £22, Royal Mail 24 hour business post (also known as first class post) and Express delivery.  If you select the free postage option, you will receive your order 5-7 days after you have placed your order.  International orders will take longer to arrive.

Q4 Does the ink work on plastic?
A4 The ink is least effective on plastic. On some plastics it works really well and will last up to 20 washes in the dishwasher. Unfortunately many plastic items,eg: water bottles, have a special coating on them which prevents the ink being absorbed into the plastic. In these cases the ink will wash off, in the same way a permanent marker or “Sharpie” washes off. Don’t forget it only takes a second to re-stamp!

Q5 I have made a mistake when stamping. Can I remove it?
A5 If it is on non-absorbing surface, you can remove it with cleaning agent eg.Cif, however on fabric it is not possible to remove completely.

Q6 What fonts do you use?
A6 You can choose from Arial, Arial Narrow, Abadi MT Condensed Light, Comic Sans, Dancing Script, Sassoon Infant or Plantin Infant.

Q7 How long will the inkpad last?
A7 The inkpad should last 2 years if stored in a sealed plastic bag (provided). It is really important that the inkpad is stored in the bag and sealed each time after use. The inkpad will provide at least 2000 impressions. Replace the lid and pop it back into the bag as soon as you can to prevent the inkpad drying up as it is very fast-drying ink.

Q8 What size is the stamp?
A8 The actual stamping surface is 38mm x 15mm. We will always centralise the name on the block.

Q9 What size font should I use?
A9 You may make the font as small or large as you wish depending on the size of the item you wish to stamp. Arial 14-16 is the most popular size but it depends on the length of your name. Please check the size of the care label on the items you would like to name.
You may order stamps in the same name and different sized fonts.

We will always centralise the name on the block.

Q10 Can I just order an inkpad?
A10 Yes

Q11 Can I just order a stamp?
A11 Yes, but you will need an inkpad in addition to the stamp if you wish to use our product to name your belongings. Please be aware that our ink is not the standard ink on sale in stationery shops. Stationer's ink which will wash out immediately.

Q12 I am concerned about the health & safety when using on the fabric as my children are still very young.
A12 Our ink is an oil-based ink, which is the equivalent of a marker pen. The quantity of ink used in our inkpad/stamp should not cause any problems. Our ink should be regarded as prints on clothes – therefore if you are happy with you or your child wearing printed clothes there should not be any concerns. Despite the "almond" smell, the ink does not contain any ingredients derived from nuts.

Q13 How sustainable is the ink for laundry?

A13 We have had the ink independently tested by a laboratory and it will withhold 50 washes on a 40 degree heat on care labels without fading. With other fabrics the durability of the ink depends on a number of factors such as the stretchiness and thickness of weave of the material. Therefore the ink will not work if directly stamped on socks, fleece material or Teflon coated clothing.

For best results we recommend you stamp the care label. The ink may work on other fabrics but the fabric must be smooth and have a thin weave. Please note that it will be less durable than if stamped on care labels.. We can’t guarantee it works on all fabrics and recommend stamping the care labels for best results. If the ink fades, please stamp again!

Please note that bleach or other stain removers may strip the ink out in the wash. This includes Milton sterilising fluid.

Q14 How sustainable is the ink for plastic?
A14 Due to the non-porous nature of plastic, the ink is at its least durable on plastic items. The ink lasts best if the item is washed in the dishwasher rather than by hand, but will still fade over time. The sustainability will differ depending on the surface, dishwasher cycle and temperature, therefore it is difficult to give a specific answer however it should sustain over 20 washes. If the ink fades, please stamp again!

Q15 I am not happy with my stamps, can I have a full refund?

A15 If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please return your order within 30 days of our dispatch date and we will give you a full refund for the purchase costs (please note this policy only applies to non-personalised products so even if you return your stamp to us we will not be able to issue a refund). We cannot refund postage costs. Please obtain proof of postage from your Post Office. This is a free service that your Post Office offers. They will provide you with a print out. Please keep the print out for your records. If you wish to return a Stamptastic Ink Pad to us please ensure you return it to us in the original storage bag provided. We will not be able to issue a refund if returned without the correct bag. If your item is defective, please email us at orders@stamptastic.co.uk including your name and order number and let us know what the issue is. Please include photos if you can. We are sorry but we cannot provide refunds on returns that go missing in the post.

If your order does not arrive, ie lost in the post,  we cannot offer a refund until 28 days after the item was posted.

Q16 My stamp is covered in ink – can I clean it?
A16 It is actually very difficult to remove the ink from the stamp due to the permanent nature of the ink. We suggest you stamp repeatedly on a piece of paper to remove any excess ink. You can then use a small amount of diluted “Cif” to clean the stamp. Please be very gentle or the polymer will be damaged.

Q17 Why are your International postage costs so high?
A17 We are now sending all our international orders via tracked post, this is because we have found the standard international post to be unreliable. The tracking service ensures all items will be delivered within 10-18 business days.

Q18 How do you recommend the white fabric pen is used?
A18 The nib on the white fabric pen is quite thick so it is hard to use it on small areas. We recommend you use the pen on shoes, trousers and it is brilliant on kit bags / school bags as you can write really large and make it easy to spot.

Q19 Can I use an PTA Rewards (Affiliate Link) or a PTA code as well as a discount code?

A19 PTAs can receive commission in two ways.  The first is an affiliate link which is code that can be embedded on your PTA or school website. This coding can be found in the PTAs affiliate login areaAny time anyone clicks on that link and then proceeds to place a Stamptastic order within 90 days, the cookies will track that order back to the affiliate link click and generate a comission for the PTA. PTAs are also given a unique code which can be used as an alternative to the affiliate link. The code is usually a postcode (but not always so please check!). If a customer clicks on an affiliate link but then opts to enter a discount code at checkout, the PTA (affiliate) will not receive the commission. If a customer prefers to enter a discount code rather than click on an affiliate link the customer will not be able to add the PTA code and a discount code. The checkout allows only one code to be entered. It is up to the customer if they prefer to receive a discount themselves or make a commission to their PTA. If they opt to receive a personal discount we cannot retrospectively provide a commission to the PTA.

Q20 The rubber on my stamp has been cut strangely, it looks like a piece is missing, is this correct?

A20 All of our stamps are handmade and the rubber is cut by hand, this will often be cut at an angle to prevent the "blank" part of the rubber picking up the ink and so creating a "splodge". The stamp is a functional product & so it is very important that it creates a clear impression.

Q21 Do you ship to the Channel Islands and IOM?

A21 Yes the shipping to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man is the same as all UK mainland orders, but you must not put UK as the shipping country, you must use IOM, Jersey or Guernsey (this is a change post Brexit)

Q22 My order hasn't arrived, can I have a refund?

A22 Yes of course if your order doesn't arrive we will offer a full refund, but we cannot issue a refund until the order is deemed "lost" by the Royal Mai

If your order does not arrive, ie lost in the post,  we cannot offer a refund until 28 days after the item was posted.

The following RM compensation guidelines do not apply during industrial actions (ie strikes)

Royal Mail lost post policy