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    Can you recycle Christmas Wrapping Paper?

    Can you recycle Christmas Wrapping Paper?

    Over the past few years it's become more widely known that it's not possible to recycle wrapping paper that contains foil, plastic or glitter. If your Christmas wrapping contains any of these items then instead of recycling it sadly has to go into the bin. 

    According to waste management company BIFFA, 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year ends up in the bin at Christmas in the UK.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to know if wrapping paper can be recycled but the general rule of thumb is if you can scrunch it and it stays scrunched then you can.

    The Environment Agency have suggested to use recyclable paper or use parcel paper (otherwise known as kraft paper or brown paper).

    So people are becoming more creative about how they wrap their Christmas presents for a number of reasons: the environment, saving money and to add a homemade touch.

    That's why we have launched a Christmas Stamps for Wrapping Paper Collection.

    We hope you love the Christmas Stamp designs as much as we do and as you can see they look absolutely stunning. 












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