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    CoppaFeel Sahara Trek

    CoppaFeel Sahara Trek

    Crikey. I applied and got chosen to join the Coppafeel! fundraising trek in the Sahara in November 😬

    Coppafeel is a registered charity set up solely to create awareness among young people about breast cancer and their biggest fundraiser of the year is the trek. In the current climate, many people are not visiting their GP or hospitals and experts are concerned about the increased rates of undetected cancer that will occur.

    I was sort of hoping I might not get chosen for the trek as I properly HATE hiking 🤣 and 100km trekking in the sweltering heat does not sound like fun....however I was due a bit of a challenge and so I put my application form in and kind of forgot about it.

    Fast forward a few months to mid early March and we are in lockdown with the Covid19 global pandemic. I received a phone call from the lovely Emma who asked me if I still wanted to participate and if I thought I would still be able to raise the £2750 target. 

    I admit, at that time,  I was far more worried about the physical challenge than the fundraising although that view pretty quickly changed. The economy was crashing, everyone was being furloughed and I realised that simply asking for donations wasn't going to cut it. Plus everyone seemed to be fundraising for the NHS! 

    In the beginning my anxiety levels were so high about going outside that I felt I couldn't properly start on the training and I started to become really anxious about the fundraising side too. But as soon as I joined the zoom chat with 85 other trekkers and shared fundraising ideas in a facebook group I felt inspired to get cracking!

    I baked and baked and baked some more! I baked for my neighbours and my friends. I baked for VE Day celebrations (socially distanced!). I offered Instagram One 2 One sessions for small businesses and also held a LotterTitty. 

    Everyone has been so supportive and I have been amazed that people I only know through Instagram have generously donated to my fundraising page. I have now reached my target but still have a few other fundraising ideas up my sleeve including a raffle and another bake sale. I am continuing with the Instagram One 2 Ones as it means I'm not hammering my friends and family for donations all the time and feedback has been great so it's a win win! If you would like to book in an Instagram One 2 One please feel free to send me a message on Instagram.

    I am hoping to continue to use Stamptastic's social media platforms to raise awareness about Coppafeel!

    If you would like to donate to my fundraising page I would be very so grateful! Here is the link

    Lots of love




    So much has happened since I wrote this blog post!! The trek obviously didn't go ahead in November and a decision had to be made about where the trek would take place this year. The trek HAS to go ahead because Coppafeel is ONE MILLION pounds down on there income last year and so to cancel the trek completely would be a disaster. So the organisers made the decision to move the trek to Cornwall in May. 

    Obviously a few people were very disappointed about this because the Sahara was/is an adventure of a lifetime, but if 'I'm a Celebrity' can relocate to Wales, then we can relocate to Cornwall! And the The Sahara will still be there when the pandemic is it will just have to remain on the bucket list! I for one can't wait to explore the Cornish Coast and get to eat lots of cream teas guilt free 😋

    In light of the fact that charities have been hit so hard, I decided to double my fundraising target to £5,500. It has not been easy at all. I have managed to complete over 70 Instagram One 2 One sessions and this has really kept the money rolling in and means I don't have to hammer my friends and family all the time! As of todays date I'm at £5315 so not far to go now. Thanks to everyobe who has donated!

    Here's the link again if you would like to take me one step nearer to reaching my target!








    Victoria Sponge for Coppafeel


    Triple Chocolate Rockly Road for Coppafeel


    Posh Rice Puff Cakes for Coppafeel


    Carrot Cake for Coppafeel

    Cakes in a row for Coppafeel





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