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Fran and Emma Stamptastic Meet Sir Vince Cable MP for Small Business Saturday 2019

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Yesterday we ventured out of Richmond to visit Sir Vince Cable MP for Twickenham to talk to him about our recent success of being featured in the Top 100 businesses in the Small Business Saturday Campaign 2019 🎉

Here we are outside his constituency office, and you can tell we weren't excited at all 😂 (gold boots are from ASOS, before you ask 😝)

When we arrived we were warmly greeted by Vince's team and one of them let us know that she is a Stamptastic customer and loves our Personalised Name Stamps AND has even signed her PTA up to our PTA Rewards Scheme! It's moments like that when we realised that we have got a 'real' business and are not just playing at running one 😅 

We took along our famous Personalised Name Stamps for labelling school uniform and Vince said it was "remarkable and must have many different applications". We agreed and explained about how lots of customers now buy for relatives in care homes, for work uniforms or sports kit. 

Vince tried his hand at stamping some uniform we had brought along with us and he definitely enjoyed it! 

Vince is a former Secretary of State for Business, is a big supporter of Small Business Saturday and was key in the early days in getting it off the ground. He was delighted to hear how Small Business Saturday has gone from strength to strength and we let him know that earlier this year we also won The Best Digital Business at The Small Awards.

We let Vince know all about our PTA Rewards Scheme and how in the past 12 months we have paid out over £11,000 commission to PTAs and handed out over £11,000 in fundraising vouchers for PTA raffles and events. 

Vince said "It is the small business community which keeps the British economy going, contributing most in job creation and taxation.  And Richmond is exceptionally important for the wealth of entrepreneurial talent of which Stamptastic is such a good example.  That is why I am again supporting Small Business Saturday.”

When you run a Small Business sometimes small wins or even big successes are not marked or celebrated so we are SO pleased we got the opportunity to meet Vince to celebrate our sucess. A big thank you Vince for giving up his valuable time to talk to us and a HUGE thank you to Small Business Saturday for all the hard work they do for Small Businesses in the UK! 

Have you had a small win (or a big success!) in your business recently? If so, please do tell us about it. We would love to hear from you 💜

Love Fran and Emma 



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