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    Fran Stamptastic meets Stacey Solomon!

    Fran Stamptastic meets Stacey Solomon!

    Hey everyone,

    I'm beyond thrilled to share with you a moment that truly touched our hearts at the recent Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday (SBS) Conference last month. It was an encounter filled with gratitude, connection, and a whole lot of emotion as we had the privilege of crossing paths with the amazing Stacey Solomon.

    For those who might not know, it's been quite a journey since Stacey first shared our personalised name stamps on her Instagram stories. We fondly refer to that day as "Stacey Solomon Day," a day that truly transformed our business in ways we never imagined.


    stacey solomon and stamptastic


    Back on August 31, 2021, Stacey's endorsement reached millions, resulting in an incredible surge of orders and revenue for us. But more than the numbers, it was the authenticity of Stacey's support that struck a chord with us and her followers, showing the real power of genuine connections in the world of small business.

    Fast forward to the SBS Conference last month, some 2 and a half years later, and the energy in the ICC was electric. So many small businesses owners were hanging onto Stacey's every word and she was extremely knowledgable about small businesses, social media, life, family and so much more.

    As I prepared to approach Stacey, the weight of the moment pressed heavily upon me, reminiscent of an Eminem lyric "one shot" echoing in my mind 🤣 Securing the attention of an SBS crew member with a numbered paddle was my initial hurdle. Each moment felt uncertain, with Theo navigating the room and the endless sea of raised hands prolonging the question process. When Theo finally called out "number 5" (my paddle), my heart leaped, signaling that my moment had arrived.

    In that pivotal moment, I felt compelled to make it count. Despite my initial hesitation, spurred on by Emma and another kind soul (who happened to be in marketing) seated beside us, I decided to share our achievements: over 6000 orders and £130,000 in just 24 hours. It dawned on me that Stacey might not fully grasp the impact she had on our business without these numbers.

    The outpouring of love and support from the room was overwhelming once I shared our story. I was touched by the flood of encouraging messages that followed. When I introduced myself as Fran from Stampastic and received a warm acknowledgment from Stacey, it was a moment of immense relief. Yet, as emotions surged, I turned to Emma, hoping she would take over, but she gave me a resolute look, reminding me of her filming duties (which she did very well to be fair) 🤣

    The rest of the encounter became a blur, punctuated by Stacey's request for a hug, which I gladly accepted, not wanting to let go (poor woman ha ha). Fortunately, many captured the moment in photos and videos, allowing me to piece together a memorable reel.



    stacey solomon and stamptastic


    The unexpected highlight came when Stacey shared our reel to her stories. The overwhelming response—over 970,000 views and 13,000 likes—left me stunned. I couldn't help but reflect on Stacey's initial support back in 2021 and feel a deep sense of gratitude for how far we had come.

    stacey solomon and stamptastic

    Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our small business journey. The outpouring of support on social media has been incredibly uplifting and has played a significant role in our growth. We've built a wonderful community around us, with loyal customers and the SBS community showing immense kindness and support. Here's to the next chapter in our journey!

    With love and gratitude, Fran (Co-founder of Stamptastic)

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