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    Our day with Theo!!

    Our day with Theo!!

    We were delighted back in August 2014 to be chosen as an #SBS winner particularly as the retweet from Theo Paphitis came at the best time of year for us, during the ‘back to school’ period.

    Planning for the #SBS event last Friday was a bit of a logistical nightmare with 8 children to farm out for the school drop off, picks ups and various after school activities but as soon as we hit Euston Station we were raring to go!

    As we provide an alternative to ironing/sewing labels on school uniform, simply stamping instead, we thought our product would fit in with both Robert Dyas and Ryman so we decided to be brave and have a go at pitching to them!

    “Nervously waiting to pitch….”

    This was a fantastic experience although a little nerve wracking due to the fact that our train arrived late in Birmingham and we had to make a mad dash to the ICC. We are looking forward to receiving feedback from the pitch and who knows you may see us in a shop near you soon!

    We found the question and answer session enlightening. The achievements and skills of the panelists was inspirational especially Rob, (Gandys Flipflops) who has achieved so much during a time of personal crisis.

    We were lucky enough to ask a question to the panel regarding the challenges of a seasonal business and diversification and are currently processing the advice!! We also had some great tips from fellow #SBS members which has been invaluable.

    “Richmond #SBS winners Selfie with Anne @beachfacts

    We had to gatecrash the photo queue in order to catch our train back to London to our families (apologies and thank you to everyone behind us!) and managed to have our photo taken with Theo and be on our train within 15 minutes-no mean feat!

    Since Friday we have been trying to work through as many of the tasks as possible in relation to the website, networking and follow ups. We have also provided Theo with a complimentary stamp set for his grandson and have received this kind message: “Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the stamp that you sent for Theo’s grandson, I am sure he will have great fun using it.”


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