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    Stamptastic Scummy Mummy Christmas Party!

    Stamptastic Scummy Mummy Christmas Party!

    If you own a very small business sometimes it can be more hassle that it's worth to have a Christmas Party, I mean, it's just the two of us so what are we going to do? We are both so stretched with family and work lives (add in to the mix a new puppy) and it's impossible to get an actual date together to do anything, apart from frantically work through our "TO DO" lists. 

    This year we decided to make an effort and invited a group of friends and some competition winners to join us to watch Scummy Mummies when they performed in Twickenham last week.

    Stamptastic Scummy Mummy Christmas Party

    We have been following the Scummy Mummies instagram stories and they are absolutely hilarious! So it was too good an opportunity to miss them when they were performing locally, although WE DID miss out and the Thursday night was fully booked. So luckily for us Lydia and Sophie who run the Events Company (We Got This TW) organising the evening put on another night on the Wednesday.

    Stamptastic Scummy Mummy Christmas Party

    So we snapped up the tickets, got dressed up in our sparkles and flashing lights, what a cool idea that was from Vogue and The Viking. You may remember that I did a Podcast with them recently although haven't been brave enought to listen to it (anyone else totally detest the sound of their own voice? No, just me then? OK, as you were...)

    Fran with Vogue and The Viking at Scummy Mummies

    We had the BEST. EVENING. EVER! Ellie and Helen aka The Scummy Mummies are hilariously funny and maybe even a bit pee in your pants inducing! If you are a parent this is absolutely a show not to be missed.

    I won't ruin the show for you but they do ask the audience to write down the most Scummy Mummy thing they have ever done. It is a tad worrying that the two answers that got voted the most Scummy belonged to Emma Stamptastic and another very close friend of ours 👀 Either that's our life experience *coughs* that means we have a lot more stories to draw from or just that my friends are really disgusting (probably the latter tbf).

    Emma Stamptastic The Most Scummy Mummy in Twickenham

    Anyway THE MOST SCUMMY MUMMY IN TWICKEHAM turns out to be good ol' Emma Stamptasic. Do you want to know what she did.....? When it was the Rugby World Cup a few years back, Emma and her 4 kids had been watching the Rugby at the fan zone in Richmond. She needed a wee but daren't risk the portaloos that were being rocked side to side precariously by some over enthusiastic rugby fans.

    She wasn't allowed to use the toilets in the local leisure centre so decided she could hold her bladder to make the short walk home. Turns out she couldn't. She found a quiet residential road and crouched down to take a wild wee in between two cars and asked her kids to form a human barrier around her. Which they did. Until the lights in the house she was weeing outside came on, the curtains drawn back and a horrified family watching this spectacle!

    Emma's kids scarpered and she was forced to continue her wee (there was no way she could stop, pelvic floor issues and all that) in the full glare of this poor unsuspecting family. 

    So there you have it my friends, if you ever doubted the fact that us Stamptastic ladies are imperfect parents then here is your evidence!

    Fran and Emma meet Scummy Mummies

    If you want to book tickets to see The Scummy Mummies then click this link here 



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