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    The Story of James Martin, This Morning and The Random Red Scooter Pizza Cutter

    The Story of James Martin, This Morning and The Random Red Scooter Pizza Cutter

    What a week 🤯🤯🤯

    On Monday's episode of This Morning, Chef James Martin made a pizza in his pizza oven (I mean if you don't have a pizza oven at home, who even are you? 😂) and used a super cool red pizza cutter to cut it. Phil and Holly were impressed and it seems that so was the rest of the universe! 

    It was only 15 seconds of fame but we sold more of this little random product in 10 minutes than we have in 3 years 🎉 Mind blown. We couldn't work out where all the orders were coming from! It was only when Emma asked a customer what was going on that all was revealed.

    Isn't it funny how the world works sometimes? At the beginning of March Emma and I seriously thought we might lose Stamptastic due to Covid 19 and now James Martin & the random Red Scooter Pizza Cutter have come to our rescue 🏆 

    Our social media accounts have gone crazy for the Red Motorbike Pizza Cutter and everyone is tagging us in their photos of their orders and we are so grateful to this little product (that we actually thought of not restocking earlier this year 👀). That would have been a mistake. HUGE mistake. 

    Check out our Instagram Story highlights if you would like to see the story unfold!

    The world works in mysterious ways doesn't it? Stamptastic's fortune has changed overnight due to some serious lovin' for the Red Bike Pizza Cutter which will forever hold a special place in our hearts!

    We hope you are staying safe and well in lockdown.

    Lots of love

    Fran & Emma 🍕🍕





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