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    Top 10 Tips to be organised on School Days

    Top 10 Tips to be organised on School Days

    Top 10 Tips to be organised on School Days


    1. Ask your child to always put away their coat, shoes and any accessories such as gloves, scarf and hats every day after school in a designated place. That way your house is tidy and it is their responsibility to put items away and in the morning all things are in one place.
    2. Have an area at home especially for homework. This could be their own desk ideally or the kitchen or dining room table. Keep a free standing box file to put any homework and books in. Plus, a pencil/pen pot with all their stationary items in. That way you are not running around looking for the pencil sharpener.
    3. What about all the pieces of paper you receive from your child’s school? Plus, all the party invitations? Why not have a separate filing tray or notice board where you keep these things. You could even have a printed timetable of your child’s activities to remind you, which day they need to be bringing in their P.E kit or musical instrument.
    4. Do all of your child’s uniform have school uniform labels (including shoes and lunchboxes?) It can be very time consuming and labour intensive using individual sewing labels or name tags, so how about using Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps instead. That why you can ensure every item has your child’s name in and if you have more than one child you won’t be getting mixed up!
    5. If you need to provide your child with a packed lunch it really is worthwhile preparing some of it the night before, saving a bit of extra time in the morning.
    6. Always try to get the uniform laundry done at the weekend for the whole week including ironing, that way you won’t be running out of a clean shirt or the all-important P.E kit!
    7. Bulk buy when it comes to birthday party gifts and cards. Keep a stock of suitable presents, wrapping paper, gift bags and cards set aside. That way you won’t be running out at the last minute then panic buying.
    8. Consider batch cooked freezable meals such, so for a couple of nights a week you already have a healthy nutrious meal cooked.
    9. Keep a family calendar, this could be online or a paper version. That way all members of the family can see upcoming social, work and school commitments. Try to enter all school holidays in advance.
    10. How about having a separate drawer for all school underwear and socks, tights. Plus, a particular part of your child’s wardrobe for all school uniforms.

    School uniform shirt stamped with Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamp

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