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    How To Get Children Involved in PTA Fundraising

    How To Get Children Involved in PTA Fundraising


    What is Enterprise 5?


    Enterprise 5 is our PTA's Year 5 Enterprise Initiative. A fantastic way to develop enterprise skills in our Year 5 children, raise money for the PTA and offer a sustainable approach to school dressing up days!

    The three sales …
    Oct – Scary/Sporty Sale 
    Dec – Nativity/Christmas/Sporty Sale 

    Feb – World Book Day/Sporty Sale


    Pre Loved Halloween Costume PTA Sale


    The three sales help parents buy affordable items for the Monster Disco, the Nativity, Christmas Jumper Day and World Book Day. With items ranging from 50p-£2.50 parents get a real bargain! We also sell sportswear, coats and wellies at all three sales as these are popular all year round.

    Pre Loved Welly Boot PTA Sale

    How it works

    Three groups of six Year 5 children, under the supervision of a Year 5 Parent Volunteer, work together to raise money for the PTA by selling preloved fancy dress costumes, sportswear, coats and wellies at three preloved sales throughout the year.

    Within each group, there is a Team Leader, Poster Designer, Accountant and Sales Team. They meet to plan their sale and afterwards reflect on their sale. The Team get the full support of the PTA Parent Volunteer who will put their posters up on the PTA Noticeboards, hang the clothes up on rails ahead of each sale, provide the float and will attend each sale to ensure the sale goes smoothly.

    We ask people to donate items all year round in our PTA Dropbox in the school foyer. These items are then stored in our PTA shed ready for each sale.

    After all three sales the Enterprise 5 groups come together to put forward suggestions for how the money they raised gets spent to benefit the school. They also receive a certificate for taking part in Enterprise 5.

    We are now in our 4th year of Enterprise 5. On average, each sale raises around £80 so a total of £240 is raised each year. Last year the children requested a bench for a quiet, shaded area, which they absolutely love.

    Enterprise 5 is a unique combination of fundraising, entrepreneurship and sustainability! Win win all round for everyone involved.




    Nathalie Dawson, PTA Secretary, St James' CofE Primary School, Cheltenham

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