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Ten Tips For Running A Quiz Night

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A good quiz is run fairly for all, challenging but not de-moralising, sociable, supported by fab quiz masters who keep the energy high, includes a good meal & doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  1. Keep the topic range broad – not everyone is into literature or 16thcentury history, make sure you include popular culture or local interest rounds so to keep everyone involved.
  2. Don’t make it too hard – make sure every round has some easy and some challenging questions. You want your room to feel that they are smart and in with a chance. The ideal is that every team scores an average of 6-8 out of 10
  3. Have a joker round so that teams can double their points on their favourite/best subject – and it means that things can change right up to the last round
  4. No phones! Cheating just ruins it for everyone
  5. A tasting round always goes down well - identify crisp flavours, different cheeses, chocolates. Tasting salty snacks does also has the benefit of making people thirsty, which will help with bar sales
  6. Don’t make it too long! 6-8 rounds are plenty
  7. Make time for people to eat, get to the bar, and chat
  8. Be strict about maximum quizzers per table – if the winning table has 10 players and other teams had only 8 players it can really upset people and put a dampener on the event at the end of the evening
  9. ‘Beat the intro’ is a great way to finish a quiz – identify the song within a few seconds. Then when you play the music again to give answers you can segue nicely into music and dancing if you still have the energy.
  10. Think about taking drink orders at the tables during the quiz, so quizzers don’t have to go to the bar when they are busy – it's a win/win


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