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This fab product from Stamptastic, made its way into my hands last week. I knew from the moment I saw it there was going to be a little love relationship between us! I have heard of them before but decided to go with name stickers instead. I’m really not sure why, and now I wish I hadn’t as they are quite fiddly, time consuming, pricey and I have found that they get quite tatty. Stamptastic offer so many items I wasn’t even aware of, but the name stamp seems to be the highlight. Having a stamp that replaces sewing and iron on name labels – erm, yes please!

Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps


When I first visited the website there is a little intro video which tells you about the product and how you can use it. After that I continued to order my Personalised Name Stamps.

Step 1 is where you can choose to have the name on either one line or two. When you have selected which option you then enter the text you want. There is a little preview box to the right of the ordering options to give you an idea on how it looks.

Step 2 is where you select the font you would like and what size you prefer. There are a variety of fonts to choose from and some of them include a cursive '𝒂' ‘rather than ‘a’ for those children who are learning/new to reading and writing, perfect for my little ones. Again, you can use the preview box to give you an idea on how the text appears.

Step 3 is where there is an option to select an icon, which I think is a lovely and a very useful addition! This works well with both of my boys, especially the youngest who can recognise objects but not lettering yet. Let’s be honest, it even helps me… as I have two boys quite close in age at times there isn’t a lot between clothing sizes, and when they have the same item it can make it quite difficult to identify whose is who’s without finding the size label. Well, now I’ve stamped them, all I have to do is look for the name stamp, or in reality I just look for the icon!

Once happy with the name and icon you can print out the preview (advisable) to make sure you are happy with the sizing as all labels vary in size, and once ordered it cannot be changed.

Before you complete your order there is the option to add an ink pad. Perfect prompt if you are a first-time customer and also saves time having to look for it within the website.


The items were dispatched promptly, and I received great email communication confirming this. After a couple of days my items had arrived in a letterbox friendly envelope. I was ever so excited to receive my items, it really doesn’t take much these days! Both of the stamps were wrapped in tissue paper. The ink pad came in a clear, resealable bag and an Artline marker pen for fabric in white. That was it, no stopping me now, happy stamping I go!

Stamptastic Rubber Name Stamp


The quality of the Customised Rubber Stamp is great. It is a very nice size to hold and the weight of it is good. You can clearly see where the name is to stamp, which also acts as a guide to line up the stamp on the label. The print comes out exceptionally clear, and there is zero smudging! For clothing the guidance is to stamp on the care label to maximise its lifespan, quality and clarity.

TOP TIP – there is no need to wiggle the stamp in the ink pad, just a simple up and down motion is required.

After using the stamps (a lot) I was really surprised at just how easy they are to use. I mean, I saw the video and watched others use it but it genuinely is as easy as they make out!

Ink Pad

The ink pad itself is a nice size and weight, and the smell reminds me of marzipan. Again, there really is no fuss and you use exactly as describe with the stamp above. The inkpad is set to last 2000 stamps – sorry what, that’s amazing! Essentially that’s 2000 pieces of items/equipment that can be name stamped!

TOP TIP – be sure to keep the ink pad in the clear re-sealable bag that is originally supplied as this will pro-long the life of the ink pad.

Stamptastic Ink Pad


The name stamps can withstand up to 50 washes if stamped on the care label as advised. After stamping numerous items of the boys, I have washed and tumble-dried some of them 3+ times already and I can safely say the print is as clear as the day they were stamped! I’m very impressed!

Artline marker for fabric in white

This white fabric pen was a bonus. I have used it to name school bags, shoes and football trainers. It reminds me of when I used those gold and silver marker pens when I was younger (showing my age now)! You have to shake and push down the nib a few times (on a piece of paper) to get the liquid flowing but once it’s there the pen flows really nicely. There is no smudging or bleed from the residue of the marker pen and the nib is small enough to name the inside of a shoe. I wrote the name on the inside edge of the shoe rather than the sole so as to enhance its lifespan and not have it rubbed off too quickly.

Stamptastic White Fabric Pen School Bag

Stamptastic White Fabric Pen for School Shoes


I can’t rate Stamptastic enough! I cannot believe how quickly I have managed to name stamp the items for the boys. The quality is superb and the print is ever so clear! I also can’t believe they don’t smudge or bleed!

They are certainly going to be put through their paces come September as Jack will be starting school and Liam will be starting pre-school. I am actually not dreading naming all their items now, or worrying about them losing one of their items so easily! I really feel for my mum now who had to sew our name labels in all of our uniforms when we were younger, and there were three of us! For those items I can’t stamp I have the white fabric marker pen as back up! I’m one lucky mum in this day and age (and no I am not being sarcastic)!

I would recommend this product and company 100%!


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