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Little Lad has been attending childcare for a little while now, and due to start school nursery in September (kids grow too quickly don't they?)

My childminder has always commented on the fact that all of his items are labelled. I have always made sure of this. I've worked in childcare and educational settings and know how beneficial it is when personal items are labelled!

I had previously been writing Little Lad's name in labels with a fabric pen. However, the OCD in me (I joke! ... or do I?) hated the smudged and "fat" writing that always ended up faded by its second or third wash.

I then started purchasing stick on labels, but these were costly and needed replacing often.

I then came across "Stamptastic" rubber stamps on Instagram, and put it this way, there are not many items of clothing that hasn't been stamped!

Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps and White Fabric Pen

Stamptastic rubber stamps are so easy to use. They can print on to fabric, wood, leather and some plastics.

The kit was easy and quick to order. You choose either one line or two, you can add an image and choose from a variety of fonts.

Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps and White Fabric Pen

For Little Lad, I chose the "comic sans" font and a digger truck image (he loves diggers!)

What I love about being able to add the images is that if they are not at the stage of recognising their names yet, they can identify their items by the recognisable image.

Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps

So what do we think? 

In my opinion, these are an absolute game changer and we love them!

Say "goodbye" to iron on labels! "Ta ta" to sewing and "adios" to that fat smudgy fabric pen!!

Stamptastic is so simple and easy, you won't be disappointed!

I have washed the stamped items several times and they are still clear as a bell!

Stamptastic White Fabric Pen for School Uniform

The fabric marker was great for labelling Little Lads Lunch bag. Easy to use, no smudging and perfect for dark coloured fabric


Head over to Stamptastic and give them a go!

Thanks for reading

Kate x @mum_andthe_lads

*we were gifted these items in exchange for an honest review


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