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Hello, I’m Sarah and I am mummy to my little girl Haidee who is 20 months old. Haidee is my first child so everything is new to me at every stage or milestone we get to! I always say that I am still trying to figure out the whole motherhood thing! I’m a stay at home mum but previous to that I was a retail manager so my life was very hectic with long hours, lots of weekend work and having to deal with horrible rude customers! I didn’t want to go back to that job full time, so I was lucky enough to be able to be a stay at home mum whilst my amazing husband works very hard for me to be able to do so. Being a stay at home mum isn’t all about Costa dates, shopping and watching daytime TV, it’s very hard and can be physically and mentally draining. So in September I decided to send Haidee to nursery once a week, just so I could have a break and so that she could socialise with other kids.

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This is when I encountered the dreaded labelling fiasco! I got a pack of personalised labels which were iron on. Perfect I thought. Nice and easy and will last ages. Nope! They were terrible! They took ages to iron on, they melted or fell off in the wash and I gave up so ended up handwriting all of Haidee’s labels. Recently I was gifted Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps and I was so impressed! I went to their website, typed in the name I wanted on the stamp, chose the font and size of font, and I also chose a cute little icon. I chose a comic sans font in capital letters just so it was clear to Haidee, teachers etc and I went for a little star icon as I thought that would last her throughout her school years. I previewed it, added an ink pad and a white fabric pen to my basket and it was all completed within 5 minutes! I loved the fact that I could really personalise it as there were 8 different fonts to choose from and an array of icons varying from animals, food, sports and even teens for older kids. The website was easy to navigate and make an order from. Because it was personalised I expected it to take more than a week to arrive but it landed on my front porch within 3 days!!

Customised Name Stamp

I couldn’t wait to get started on the stamping so I grabbed some of Haidee’s nursery clothes and gave it a try. It was recommended to stamp the care label so that’s what I did first and I had done 3 items within 15 seconds!! The impression was so clear, it dried really quickly so it didn’t smudge and I was so happy that it took me no time at all to label those items. I carried on going and I labelled all of her nursery spare clothes and uniform within a couple of minutes. I also stamped the actual clothing as 2 items didn’t have care labels in, I thought the ink may have gone through and be visible on the other side but I was very impressed to find that it didn’t! I have washed a few items only once, but I have put one item through the wash a few times and the impression is still as clear as the day I put it on. After you have stamped an item the impression will withhold 50 washes on care labels (without fading), and then you can just stamp again if it’s starting to fade but I haven’t got to that stage yet! The ink pad needs to be stored in the sealed bag it comes in and it lasts 2 years or 2000 impressions. So although the upfront cost seems quite a lot of money compared to other name label products, in the long run it’s going to save you a lot of time and money as you only buy this once, and stamping is so quick and easy. My top tip is when you are getting ink on the stamp don’t rock it up and down/wiggle it as I found this made an edge around the stamp when you make the impression. Instead, just simply hold down firmly and this will just get ink on the name and not the edges.

Stamptastic Ink Pad and Name Stamps

I really believe that this product is absolutely genius. It’s one of a kind and obviously designed by mums! I would recommend that any parent out there buys this product as it’s one of those essential items you’re going to need all though a child’s school life. It takes the stress out of labelling lots of items, as it isn’t just for fabric. You can also use the stamps on metal, wood and some plastics too so fab for lunchboxes, pencil cases, rulers and even pencils! The only downside is that you will become obsessed with stamping everything in the house and become addicted!! Instead of hating the chore of labelling everything, you’re going to LOVE it!

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