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H! there, we are a super friendly Yorkshire based design agency called Hello Logo! and as the name suggests, our USP is logo design and branding. Specialising in logo design is what makes us stand out from the other graphic design businesses out there. For us, your business starts and ends with the logo - It’s the first thing potential clients will see and most likely the last thing they will remember and as such it’s the foundation of any good business and represents you more than anything else. A great logo is key to any success as it is the face of your company, you wouldn’t go to a meeting looking all dishevelled would you.  First impressions are important so make sure you make a good one! Once we’ve designed your logo, we then offer to expand upon that create any other marketing/promotional items you may need that can be created in the same style as your logo. Here is where your brand begins and it is a really exciting time for us helping to grow your business!

As well as logos and brand packages, we also offer a wide range of design solutions including; flyers, posters, booklets, banners and we cater for most types of advertising. A lot of work we do is with startups and small businesses, but we have also helped existing companies to rebrand and come back stronger. Recently there has also been a lot of call for menus and wedding invitations from us, which was a nice change of pace.

It’s been a really good year for us in 2018, not only have we made a lot of new friends in our clients, but we have won a couple of things too – Always nice to receive a bit of recognition isn’t it. So every now and again we design a logo that we feel is a class above (it happens more than you’d think) and with this maybe misplaced confidence, we have been known to enter these logos into a biannual, international logo competition, which is judged by some of the industry’s leading designers. Long story short, we came in 4thplace in July and bettered this December with 3rdplace! And way back in June we were also handpicked by Theo Paphitis to win his ‘Small Business Sunday’ event he runs on Twitter, which puts us among a very select few.

The fact that we aren’t a huge business allows us the opportunity to spend some quality time with each of our clients and really communicate with them, this in turn sets us up to provide the best possible results. Our new Custom Stamp is going to allow us to add that extra touch of personality and quirkiness to our projects, which is what we’re all about. You might even find yourself with a logo stamp on the back of your hand if you come down to meet us!

Here are our Stamptastic Personalized Stamps in action!


 Custom Stamp

Customised Stamp

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