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#StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - Letterbox Lab

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As parents we love anything that makes learning fun for our children which is why we are delighted to announce that this weeks #StamptasticSmallizShoutOut is Letterbox Lab! Let's hear a bit about them from founder Mia 😀

Letterbox Lab is on a mission to make it easy for families to play with science. In 2017 we launched our two series of science kits - the Explore Box for age 6+ and the Investigate Box for age 8+. Each series features twelve exciting kits that bring science to life and contain everything little scientists need to make amazing discoveries at home. The kits are available to purchase on our website,, as individual kits or as subscriptions that put the joy of discovery through your letterbox every month.

I founded Letterbox Lab with my husband, Bryan, whom I met when we both worked in a science discovery centre back in 2007. We left our jobs and took an extended honeymoon after our wedding in 2015, to work in science centres in the Czech Republic and Norway, and to volunteer in a school for indigenous children in Malaysia. When we came home to Wales we realised we didn’t want the fun of working together again to end! So we put our heads together and came up with Letterbox Lab, a venture that would allow us to combine our skills and passion for engaging the public with science, whilst creating something entirely new and our own.

2018 has been an exciting year for us! We won a Silver Award for Best Children’s Subscription Box in the Junior Design Awards, and were named ‘Ones to Watch’ in the Wales Start Up Awards. We have been a part of Theo Paphitis’ SBS network since October 2017 and this year we won an opportunity from him to exhibit at the Autumn Fair in September, which was an exciting opportunity to start speaking to retailers about our unique science kits. In October we ran a Kickstarter campaign to launch our first seasonal science kit, STEM into Christmas, which to our delight was successful! STEM into Christmas is all about using science to make interactive Christmas cards, including a hydraulic Santa rescue-system and photochromic Christmas decorations.

Next year we want to continue to expand on our collection of science kits and sell a wider range of products. One of the things we are most proud of is our branding and we want to keep that consistent across our entire range. This is why we are using a custom stamp from Stamptastic. Whilst new kits are in development we want to trial different packaging sizes and types, and our company stamp is allowing us to do that far more easily (and economically) than with printing. I love being able to add our logo (in our favourite colour - purple!) to any box we post, so that the recipient knows there’s a bevvy of scientific discovery inside.

personalized stamps rubber stamp custom stamps company stamp


personalized stamps rubber stamp custom stamps company stamp


personalized stamps rubber stamp custom stamps company stamp

personalized stamps rubber stamp custom stamps company stamp

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