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    #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - MilliesBeachHuts

    #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - MilliesBeachHuts

    I’m Vicky owner of Millie’s Beach Huts. We have beach huts for daily hire both in Essex and Suffolk, which we either own or provide via our managed service for beach hut owners.

    Have you ever experienced the feeling of complete exhaustion?  Whether that be from work, late nights, early mornings, day to day chores and the general stresses of day to day commitments?   I’m sure you have at some point.

    But how do you get that time out without jumping on a plane for a holiday?

    That was me.

    In September 2014, I’d spent three months working away from home during the week and had been head down in a new contracting job.   It had been some year on the personal front and all the signs were there that I needed a break.

    On Friday 14th September, I snatched up a cancellation and booked a beach hut hire in Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex.  It was an Indian Summer and I spent the day in shorts with a good book and knew that Millie would love a day at the sea.  Nothing quite like being a dog owner to encourage you to get out and about.

    Little did I know that I’d also end the day buying a beach hut.   Yes, I know, that’s quite unlike an accountant. You would think that I would have spent days researching costs and working out the pros and cons of buying a beach hut. But no, one post on Facebook asking whether I should buy one and I had all the validation I needed. Some would say crazy, others would say spontaneous. I think there may be a little truth in both!

    The Millie’s Beach Huts Journey had started and I welcomed Lucy and her gorgeous family as our first guests in March 2015. I’m so lucky that she captured her day in her own blog.  A permanent reminder of how special that day was, both for myself but also the joy that a day at the beach brings.

    That’s why I do this.

    It’s a little bit of self-indulgence to book a day in one of my beach huts.  I wanted to create an environment that your day felt special in every way. You are worth it and don’t need to wait for your next holiday to feel that way.

    We have just had our two month shut down period for winter and have been busy working behind the scenes on plans for this year.

    We have already confirmed another three new beach huts and are busy working on their renovations! We can’t wait to launch these asap!

    We never plan to be huge!  The quality of our huts is so important to us and ensuring that no matter which hut you visit, you know it’s a Millie’s Beach Huts.

    But we’d love to expand to more locations across the UK, pariucally my home in Scotland. So watch this space!

    Have I mentioned that I’m a stationery addict? You can imagine how much I love our bespoke company logo stamp then!

    Customised Rubber Stamp

    Our rubber logo stamp has been perfect for adding that special touch to packaging when sending out our popular gift vouchers. As a Sun0jellies stockist, I also love using our customised stamp to personalise tags when wrapping these up before we hit the post office too!  It helps people spot their happy mail arriving and stand out next to those boring bills and circulars ;0)

    Customised Rubber Stamp

    Though I’m going to be honest. I have a very long list of potential uses for it now and can’t wait to have a play with some fabric for one of our new beach huts!

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    You can find out more/buy a custom stamp for your business here.
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