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    #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - PQ Soy Wax Candles

    #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - PQ Soy Wax Candles

    So pleased to have received my Small Business Logo Stamp from Stamptastic. Having recently moved to using paper bags to reduce my use of plastic I have been looking for a suitable stamp supplier.  As a fellow SBS winner I was more than happy to support Stamptastic, having already bought Personalised Name Stamps from them for school uniform I knew how high their level of quality would be. 

    I am now happily stamping my logo onto my paper bags, rather than sticking on logo stickers, so cost reduction and branding all in one.

    My company Rubber Stamp is for PQ Soy Wax Candles, I've been making candles and wax melts for almost 5 years now.  PQ stands for "Peace & Quiet" which is what I get when I'm making my products.  I originally set up my business so that I could work around school hours/holidays.  Business is increasing and I'm happy to say that both the retail and the wholesale sides of my business are continuing to grow.

    Recently I joined a local co-operative called Fabrication.  They are an amazing local small enterprise that supports small businesses like mine with a shop on Albion Street, Leeds and also one currently on Coney St, York.  I'm very excited to see where this new venture will lead to.  I believe that the way forward is to have more independents on the high street and this is certainly the view of our customers too.

    Stamp Logo

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    You can find out more/buy a custom stamp for your business here.
    If you would like to be featured as a #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut you can find out more here.



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