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    #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - Real Teak Unique

    #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - Real Teak Unique

    Teakunique furniture is exceptionally made from sustainably sourced mature heartwood teak rich in protective oils, to create attractive outdoor furniture that is strong and long lasting. 

    With a decade of experience in the high-end teak furniture business, lifelong friends Claire and Lizzie founded Teakunique in 2007 with the sole desire to sell stylishly designed, strong top quality teak furniture at competitive prices. Their combined passion and knowledge of superior teak furniture led to Teakunique gaining a great reputation as the place to go.

    In 2016, with Claire and Lizzie retiring to spend more time with their ever-expanding families, Teakunique became a small family business when cousins (and previously ardent customers of Teakunique furniture) took over the company. Since then, they have remained true to Teakunique’s philosophy, and retained the high standards installed by their predecessors. The teak furniture collection has expanded to include a range of traditional and contemporary designs, and all products are now available to purchase online.

    All new customers receive a brochure and (new for this season) a Teakunique care guide with their orders, and the Teakunique Rubber Stamp from Stamptastic is a great addition to personalise the envelopes with a Personalized Rubber stamp.

    Custom Rubber Stamp

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