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#StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - The Wee Mud Hut

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I set up my business, The Wee Mud Hut 3 years ago. I make handmade functional ceramics and also run pottery workshops at different venues. Some that I arrange and some that are booked by different groups or clubs.

I qualified in ceramics 20 years ago but never had the opportunity to do anything with it. Along came children and I worked in various jobs to suit bringing up a family by myself. I was always doing something crafty in my spare time and did a lot of dreaming about owning my own pottery business.

My children would always tell me to go for it and couldn’t understand why I stayed in jobs that I hated. Their constant encouragement wore me down and I took my first step into the business world!

Pottery Bespoke Rubber Stamp

It has been a very eye-opening experience so far with highs and lows but it’s also been the best thing I have ever done. Pottery is my passion and I can’t imagine doing anything other than ceramics now.

Custom Ceramics Stamp

The wee mud hut continues to evolve and my plans for phase 3 next year are exciting. Until I sort them out completely I’ll keep that under my hat but it will be a great new addition to my current set up!

Customised Rubber Stamp

My custom logo stamp from Stamptastic is fantastic for personalising and decorating my pottery.

Custom Rubber Stamp

Having a bespoke stamp also means that I can personalise the brown paper bags that I use for my sales at craft fairs.

Having a company stamp for my business is STAMPTASTIC!


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