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    #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - When Lulu Met Weasel

    #StamptasticSmallBizShoutOut - When Lulu Met Weasel

    My name is Sarah I am the Founder, Director and creative behind the scenes. I create beautiful handmade teepees in a host of gorgeous designs either provided by the customer or pluckedout of my creative stash making it an item that’s a true one-off.

    I can’t take all the credit, my two gorgeous  girls, Charlotte and Evie - aka Lulu and Weasel also get stuck in. We all share a love of pretty fabrics and the girls, especially as they grow older, are eager to contribute even more to the look of our products.

    We love playing around and creating designs together which become real products that people can take away and add in their home. We also adore getting others involved with the look of the handmade teepees, allowing us  to produce an item that perfectly matches their personality, whilst also fitting intothe look and feel of their home.

    I have always been sure of  three of my passions; business, design and favourite being a mum to my amazing children. Luckily for me,I got to combine all three  allowing me to do what I love most. I have always planned to be my own boss and having my kids made me want to push for it even more. Growing a business my children can take part off means so much to me, I get to design all day and talk about all things parenting and be present for my children.

    I’ve never been scared of hard work or getting my hands dirty so that is exactly what I did, I took a leap of faith and believed in me. It has taken long days and nights to get my business where it is today but to be able to look back at where I started and where I am today does nothing but make me smile with sheer pride.

    Teepees  are more popular than you think! After some marketing research I realised that there was not many do it yourself bundles available to purchase online so I thought I would step in and change that. I am excited to share that very soon as well as creating teepees we will soon be selling Teepee  business bundles, so can you can go away and do it yourself.  Each bundle will include everything  you  can possibly imagine to get you started.

    It’s been a little while since we last updated our website so thought it would be a great opportunity to give our shop a new look and feel so that’s what we are doing. Our new website will come with some new pages and new items which I can’t wait to share with you all. This will be launching very soon, all will be revealed.

    Totally forgot if you would like to include £25 off any full price teepee code weasel25 

    How we plan to use the Custom Rubber Stamp

    We plan to use the fabulous Rubber Stamp to further enhance our branding and business packaging. I personally think it gives everything that extra special touch and another chance for my customers to see my logo and company name. We also plan to go the extra mile with our customer birthday cards. On the reverse of each card,we will use the Personalized Stamp at the back of the card as a final way of sealing the envelope as such. Now when they go to open the card they already know who it is from…. FABULOUS!



    When Lulu Met Weasel Company Stamp 

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    You can find out more/buy a custom stamp for your business here.
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