ID Protection Stamp - Camouflage Roller Stamp

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A nifty little stamp to help protect you from identity theft, a simple and convenient alternative to a paper shredder.
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You only need to roller once over the text, repeat rolling can cause the text to reappear.
  • Ideal for use on junk mail.

  • Specially formulated oil-based ink.

  • Environmentally friendly. Easily recycle stamped documents.

  • Stamping surface: 25mm wide.

  • Amount of stamp impression: approximately 50 metres.

  • Perfect for when you need to cover a large area of private or confidential information.
  • In a single stroke, you can glide the roller over all of the text you want masked.
  • The roller applicator is able to imprint ink on uneven surfaces such as corrugated cardboard boxes and easily conforms to rounded containers such as mailing tubes and prescription medicine bottles.
May not be suitable for non-absorbent materials.
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