Starting School Free Resource: Independence and Self Care

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Do you have a child starting Primary School in September? If so you may find this free resouce and activity card useful.

The adult-to-child ratio is much lower in school and therefore children require a higher level of independence. Self care skills are important and will give your child confidence so they settle and are ready for those next learning steps. Self care skills include dressing, hand washing, toileting, nose wiping and independence at mealtimes. Children will need to use cutlery if they stay for lunch. They will also need to be used to eating whole fruit (not fruit that presents a choking risk such as grapes). 

TOP TIPS Success is important therefore begin by breaking processes into small steps. Children develop at different rates so set realistic goals for your child. Put systems and routines in place that aid the development of self care skills. Model good habits to your child in daily routines. Make routine tasks FUN by incorporating songs, timers and role play.

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