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Care Home

When we started our small business we had no idea that there would be such a demand from customers buying Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps for their relatives going into Care Homes. 

We advise checking with your Care Home about their laundry procedures as many care homes outsource their laundry and they use industrial strength washing products at high temperatures, designed to remove stains. The ink may not be able to withstand this process.

Although many people have ordered our stamps and are happy with the results, please do check with the laundry facilities at the care home.

For best results we recommend you stamp the care label. The ink may work on other fabrics but the fabric must be smooth and have a thin weave. Please note that it will be less durable than if stamped on care labels.. We can’t guarantee it works on all fabrics and recommend stamping the care labels for best results. If the ink fades, please stamp again!

Please note that bleach or other stain removers may strip the ink out in the wash. This includes Milton sterilising fluid.

From what our friends, family and customers have told us, relocating relatives from their homes into Care Homes can be a very stressful time for all involved and to add to the stress you are required to label your loved ones belongings. This task can often to too fiddly for your relative and can add unneccesary stress. If your relative is moving into a Care Home you simply may not have the time to do the labelling especially as you will have everything else on your plate.

We are so happy that we have been able to assist so many families at this very difficult time.

Labels For Care Homes

We have had the Stamptastic Ink independently tested by a laboratory and it will withhold 50 washes on a 60 degree heat on care labels without fading. With other fabrics the durability of the ink depends on a number of factors such as the stretchiness and thickness of weave of the material. Therefore the ink will not work if directly stamped on socks, fleece material or Teflon coated clothing.


You can create and customise your Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamp for Care Homes here.


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