"Would just like to say that you ladies are amazing – my stamp kit is still going strong 4 years on – have stamped all my sons school books and clothes again this year – I wonder how many more years I will get out of it?? Thanks again – your product is fantastic and I have had a few friends here in Australia order your product over the years as well as I rate it so highly. Cheers and happy new year."
– Bec Wood, Australia –

"There are few products I rave about more than Stamptastic. Whether you are naming clothes, shoes, umbrellas, lunchboxes or that precious belonging your child wants to take for Show and Tell, it takes seconds to name it. And though my daughters’ school require sewn tapes for clothes, I still have our Stamp set out in the kitchen for almost-daily use. It would still be a brilliant buy at twice the price."
– Kelly, Mum of 2 –

"Have used on all my little boy’s uniform items, book-bag, drinks bottle etc etc, one word SUPERB, parents don’t need to put themselves through the torture of sewing/ironing labels when this fantastic product is available x"
– Karyn, Essex –

"This is the best gadget I have purchased in a long while for my children to ensure that do not lose any more clothes, even better it took me 5 minutes to stamp all the clothes for my eldest sons residential this week!!! He even commented “Mummy have you labelled all my clothes already, my teacher said everything has to be labelled” the quickest way to label clothes!!! Thank you"
– Melanie, Mum of 3 boys –

"Packing for Jack’s residential was a breeze with my @Stamptasticltd stamp to name everything. Thanks again"
– Angela, West Yorks –

"Hey received the stamps today really like them great quality, thank you! #bespoke #stamptastic "
– Christopher, Manchester –

" Thank you so much for a wonderful product! I have been busy stamping all my daughters school stuff as she starts school on Monday and it has been super easy! The shipping to NZ was pretty quick too. I have been telling all the Mum’s I know about Stamptastic!"
– Jasmine, Auckland New Zealand –

" I have “Stamptastic” stamps for my twin boys and love them. It is so quick to name items and they will stamp onto anything including lunchboxes, glasses cases, tennis racquets and obviously clothes. I have been using them now for 2 years and none of the ink has faded on any of the named items. I also introduced them to our school with a personal recommendation and many other mums are now very pleased with them. It also raised us money for our PTA as well (amount dependent on volume of sales). I give them 5 stars and feel slightly smug when other parents are sewing on name labels!"
– Sian, Kent –

" The Christmas stamps arrived safely. The stamps are absolutely perfect and we couldn’t be more pleased with them. Thank you very much for all the care you took in producing them. "
- Hazel,Colchester –
"I am a mum of 2 boys. Youngest starting school this year. I heard about Stamptastic through other mums at the school. And I would just like to say THANK YOU for making naming 12 shirts, 4 trousers, 4 jumpers and 2 full PE kits plus school bags etc so easy. It hardly took me any time at all. Saved me sat for hours sewing or stood ironing. What a wonderful thing to have among my mummy arsenal. Very happy customer. :) "
– Louise, Blackpool, Lancs –

"I just wanted to thank you for the stamps, they are awesome, I love them and want to stamp everything my boys own with their names! My sister is also stamping mad now. What an ingenious product."
– Rosa, London NW6 –

" Ladies, I am in LOVE with my stamp. Arrived yesterday (to Australia safe and sound!) I’ve gone stamp happy over all my son’s stuff for school on Monday. I’m sure the teachers will laugh or even roll their eyes at my over zealous labelling! I will recommend it to anyone :)"
– Jodie, NSW Australia –

"My stamp arrived this morning – quicker than anticipated – and I thought I’d let you know that I am delighted with it. Being see-through, it’s much easier to position accurately, and looks so much neater than laundry pen. I’ve named a whole new set of uniform for senior school in a fraction of the time it usually takes me, and reduced the need for sewing in name tapes to a bare minimum."
– Judith, London N5 –

"Dear Stamptastic, I would just like to thankyou for my stamps I received today. They are just fantastic, great quality and will save me loads of time. I’m one happy mum and so glad I found your website. I will defo recommend you to my friends. Thanks!"
– Kerry, Blackpool, Lancs –

"Many thanks for sending the two stamps – they are quite brilliant and have just named all my son’s Cub kit for camp this WE in about 3 mins (as opposed to at least 1hr of name-taping!)"
– Emmah, Mum of 2 –

"I have been busy using my Stamptastic block naming every article that may get lost – it is fantastic and I shall call all name marking from now on ‘Stamptasticing’. Thanks girls, you have saved me a lot of time!"
– Victoria, Grandma of 4 –

"My son is off on his first Beaver camp this weekend…..naming ALL his stuff has been a breeze!! From toothbrush to trousers, pants to pens it all has his name neatly stamped on!! Thank you, I feel like I have a bonus hour in my life!"
– Catherine, Mum of 2 –

"My kids went on a sports camp where everything had to be named. With 3 kids that has been a nightmare in the past. The stamps got the job done quickly and efficiently, and the kids thought it looked pretty cool too. So thank you very much, a cracking little product!!!!"

– Giselle, Mum of 3 –

"Anna off to cub camp tomorrow. Thanks to the Stamptastic ladies – you saved my evening. All naming done in 5 mins… I’ve been stamp happy on everything in her bag!"
– Katherine, Mum of 3 –

"Saved my life when my son went on school trip to France this week. Stamps arrived just in time!"
– Learne, Mum of 2 – "

Just ordered stamps from @Stamptasticltd fab idea for us busy mums. Well done Emma, Francesca & Rie – We must support “mum’s businesses” ☺"
– Nina, Mum of 2 –

"Stamptastic is simple, easy to use and it WORKS. I’ve gone stamp-mad. Am going to get one with my mobile number on as well. Thanks Stamptastic!"
– Theresa, Mum of 3 –


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