Hot drink Loyalty Card Self-inking Rubber Stamp

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This is the perfect self-inking rubber stamp for Loyalty Cards for use in cafés, bars and clubs. The generic symbol of a hot drink can be used for tea, coffee or hot chocolate!

This self-inking rubber stamp is constructed from tough heavy-duty plastic resulting in a long lasting stamp capable of providing thousands of clear impressions over many years.

Impression measures 10 x 10mm approx.

The self-inking rubber stamp comes with its own waterbased ink pad, which is easily replaced adding to the life of the stamp.

Ink pad colours available: black, red, blue, green, violet, bordeaux, brown, yellow, mint, orange, pink, turquoise and dry (un-inked)

If you are stamping glossy/non-absorbent cards, there is a chance the ink will smudge as it is not quick-drying.

If you haven't already had your cards printed, ask your print company to provide an uncoated/absorbent card!

Spare ink pad ref: S-510-7

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