Raising Resilience Tips and Advice Cards - Fun educational toy aged 4-10


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Raising Resilience Tips and Advice

Let's be honest! Every parent has a child who has experienced big emotions. Maybe they give up quickly, become frustrated, angry or overwhelmed. Let me reassure you that it's completely natural for a young child to be driven by their emotional (rather than their rational 'thinking') brain. But knowing this doesn't always make those meltdowns any less painful for you or your child.

Throughout their life, your child will always encounter struggles. Whether they are learning to get dressed, ride a bike, read, write or play a musical instrument, resilience, and the ability to persevere and bounce back after encountering difficulties, are skills we all want to nurture from a very young age. In fact, resilience, perseverance and confidence building are so vital that they are a fundamental part of the early years curriculum.

But what do you do when saying 'calm down', 'it doesn't matter', or 'don't give up' doesn't help?

We know that hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. So let's foster a positive 'can do' attitude in our children from a young age and give them the best start.

Make sure you have these 60 top tips in your toolkit to help your child cope with the challenging situations they will inevitably face as they grow up. You'll be able to implement so many of these straight away.

*Created by the founder of Happy Home Learning UK - a specialist teacher (and mum) with 20+ years of expertise supporting parents and educators up and down the country

*Based on the latest research

*60 practical, innovative ideas

*Sustainable - printed in The Lake District on FSC certified paper and suitable for a wide age range.


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