Personalised Name Stamp

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Stamptastic's Personalised Name Stamps offer busy parents the ultimate solution for effortlessly labelling kids' clothes and school uniforms. Say goodbye to itchy stickers that fall off in the laundry!

Customise your stamp from a selection of fonts and over 100 icons. 99% of customers said they stamped an entire set of school uniform in under 15 minutes with Stamptastic, and all would recommend us.

Remember, our ink, necessary for stamping, must be purchased separately. Stamptastic ink withstands 50 laundry washes on care labels without fading.

The most popular font is Sassoon font in size 14, split across two lines.

Stamp vertically and no wiggling for smudge-free results. Practise on a piece of paper first.

Save your sanity and precious time—ditch the tedious and time-consuming traditional labelling with Stamptastic!

Brought to you by a UK female founded business

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is the stamp?

The actual stamping surface is 38mm x 15mm. We will always centralise the name on the block.

What size font should I use?

You may make the font as small or large as you wish depending on the size of the item you wish to stamp. Sassoon 14-16 is the most popular size but it depends on the length of your name. Please check the size of the care label on the items you would like to name.
You may order stamps in the same name and different sized fonts.

Can I just order a stamp?

Yes, but you will need an inkpad in addition to the stamp if you wish to use our product to name your belongings. Please be aware that our ink is not the standard ink on sale in stationery shops. Stationer's ink which will wash out immediately.

How sustainable is the ink for laundry?

We have had the ink independently tested by a laboratory and it will withhold 50 washes on a 40 degree heat on care labels without fading. With other fabrics the durability of the ink depends on a number of factors such as the stretchiness and thickness of weave of the material. Therefore the ink will not work if directly stamped on socks, fleece material or Teflon coated clothing.

For best results we recommend you stamp the care label. The ink may work on other fabrics but the fabric must be smooth and have a thin weave. Please note that it will be less durable than if stamped on care labels.. We can’t guarantee it works on all fabrics and recommend stamping the care labels for best results. If the ink fades, please stamp again!

Please note that bleach or other stain removers may strip the ink out in the wash. This includes Milton sterilising fluid.

How sustainable is the ink for plastic?

Due to the non-porous nature of plastic, the ink is at its least durable on plastic items. The ink lasts best if the item is washed in the dishwasher rather than by hand, but will still fade over time. The sustainability will differ depending on the surface, dishwasher cycle and temperature, therefore it is difficult to give a specific answer however it should sustain over 20 washes. If the ink fades, please stamp again!