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    Do self inking stamps dry out?

    Do self inking stamps dry out?

    Self-inking stamps have a built-in ink pad that automatically re-inks the stamp each time it's used. However, over time, the ink pad can dry out and the stamp may produce faint or inconsistent impressions. To extend the life of the ink pad, it is recommended to store the stamp in a closed position when not in use, and to replace the ink pad when it becomes dry.

    Self inking stamps can provide thousands of clear impressions over many years before eventually drying out.

    Stamptastic sell a wide range of self inking rubber stamps perfect for Loyalty Cards for use in cafés, bars, clubs, and schools.

    coffee bean loyalty card self inking stamp

    coffee cup loyalty card self inking stamp

    custom loyalty card self inking stamp

    custom logo loyalty card self inking stamp

    Our self-inking rubber stamps are constructed from tough heavy-duty plastic resulting in a long lasting stamp capable of providing thousands of clear impressions over many years.

    We have a wide range of images (including your own text, coffee cup, coffee bean, scissors, smiley face, pint glass etc) to add to your custom self inking stamp and all options can be found HERE

    The Impression of the self inking stamp measures 10 x 10mm approx.

    The self-inking rubber stamp comes with its own waterbased ink pad, which is easily replaced adding to the life of the stamp. Ink pad colours available: black, red, blue, green, violet, bordeaux, brown, yellow, mint, orange, pink, turquoise and dry (un-inked)

    Top Tip!!

    If you are stamping glossy/non-absorbent cards, there is a chance the ink will smudge as it is not quick-drying. If you haven't already had your cards printed, ask your printer to print on an uncoated/absorbent card!

    Spare ink pad ref: S-510-7

    You can refill a Self Inking Stamp when it becomes dry and refills can be purchased HERE

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