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    How can I add more ink to a self inking stamp?

    How can I add more ink to a self inking stamp?

    To add more ink to a self-inking stamp, you can follow these steps:

    1. Remove the ink pad from the stamp by unlocking it and pulling it out.
    2. Replace the old ink pad with a new one or refill the existing one with ink. You can use a commercial stamp refill ink or an ink that is suitable for your type of stamp.self inking stamp
    3. Reinsert the ink pad into the stamp and make sure it is securely locked in place.
    4. If you would like to order a custom stamp, company stamp, bespoke stamp or self inking stamp check out our range here 

    Note: It is important to use the correct type of ink for your stamp to ensure the best results and avoid damaging the stamp or making a mess.


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