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    Back To School Uniform Checklist

    Back To School Uniform Checklist

    If your child has just been offered a place in Reception Class at Primary School and they are starting school in September you might be asking yourself "What School Uniform Do I Need To Buy For Back To School"?

    We've put this School Uniform Checklist together for you and hope it helps reduce the Back To School Stress!

    The first place to check should always be your school website as they will definitely have a uniform list. However you might not know how many polo shirts you should buy and what about a water bottle for school and pencil case??!!

    • 5 shirts/polo shirts (this is enough to see you through one school week and avoids having to do a mid week school uniform panic wash!)
    • 3 pairs trousers (boys)
    • 2 pairs shorts (boys)
    • 3 skirts (girls)
    • 2 pinafores (girls)
    • 2 trousers (girls)  Depending on your school girls may have more options than boys eg pinafores dresses. You don't have to buy all options! In the beginning maybe buy 1 pinafore, 1 skirt, 1 pair trousers as your child may hate for example pinafore dresses and only ever wear it once and refuse to wear again. Best bet is to get them to try them on and see what happens. Also a note on pinafore dresses for receeption kids...they might be too difficult for them to get on and off when changing for PE so maybe avoid altogether in reception class!
    • 2 Jumpers. You may be required to buy jumpers with the school logo. You may be able to pick some of these up cheap from the schools preloved / second hand school uniform sale. Even if you don't buy them all from the second hand sale it's always worth picking up a couple of spares from here! Read here for more info on How Much Should I Spend on School Uniform 
    • 1 fleece (see above)
    • Shoes (see here for more info on school shoe shopping)
    • Plimsolls for PE ( your school will probably require plimsolls rather than trainers especially for Reception and Key Stage One so please check!)
    • PE shorts
    • PE polo top (check school website to see where to buy from)
    • PE bag
    • PE socks
    • Swimming costume (probably not necessary for Reception Class but check school webite
    • Swimming Bag (may need to be official school one so check school website)
    • PE Bag  (may need to be official school one so check school website)
    • Ten pairs socks and/or tights (they always disappear so we always get extra) A note on tights....for reception children they can find it difficult to get dressed and undressed for PE so maybe leave tights until they can get them on and off really easily themselves
    • Winter coat. Depending on your school you may be required to buy an official school coat. Please check the school website. If you are not required to buy an official school coat then we would recommend getting something bright so they are seen in the dark and something easily identifiable when it drops off the peg in the cloakroom! 
    • Light weight rain coat
    • Wellington Boots
    • Winter hat and gloves
    • Summer Hat
    • Book Bag. Check with your school if there is a specific one you need and where to but from
    • Water Bottle. Check with your school if there is a specific one you need and where to but from

    For some schools you may also need

    • Art Coat/ old painting shirt 
    • Science lab coat (unlikely for Reception but check school website)
    • School tie
    • School Blazer

    And don't foget to label everything!

    School name labels and kids name labels can be a real pain in the neck! Name tags for kids school uniform can be itchy and aggravating espcially for children with sensory issues. If sewing is not within your skill set then sewing labels into school uniform may involve a blood bath. Who wants to spend hours ironing on school labels only for you to find them in the tumble dryer months later? Why not use a name stamp instead!?

    That's why Stamptastic is The Ultimate Parent Hack! Our Stamptastic name stamp for clothes is the best for school clothes labels and so much better than name tags. Best of all no sewing or ironing is required! Hooray!


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