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Stamptastic: The ULTIMATE Parent Hack!

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So you have survived the Summer Holidays with your kids, just. Let's all pat ourselves on the back and High Fives all round!

But don't be too complacent....have you remembered everything on your Back To School to do list?

You've got all the school uniform early because you know that your supermarket sells out of your kids favourite black trousers quicker than the speed of light. 

Promising yourself that this term is going to be different, you stock piled the only socks/tights that your kid deems suitable because all the others have twisties and bumpies and cannot be worn without a 45 minute meltdown. Every. Single. Morning. (Now, where was that safe place that you stored them?)

Your mother in law told you not to get the school shoes until the last minute because apparently kids feet grow 8 sizes in the last week of summer. So you braved armageddon and spent 4 years2 hours getting the kids school shoes, losing half a stone in sweat and ageing 10 years in the process. Slowly wishing your life away as every pair of shoes your child will wear is only available in two sizes up or down. You opt for the two sizes up and watch as your kids stumbles around like a drunk on Friday night, navigating the shop floor which by now resembles a war zone. Perfect, they will do, nothing that 5 pairs of (non bumpy/twisty) socks won't sort out.

You have even found the school bags and find a rotten banana super glueing itself to a reading diary and pencil case. You spend 1 hour watching Mrs Hinch Instagram Story Highlights to find something useful to extract said banana off the reading diary and spend the following hour trying to buy Pink Stuff and Elbow Grease from Amazon. 

But what you haven't done, and it's been nagging away at you all summer is the labelling....

Let's get one think straight. No one enjoys labelling school uniform. It takes FOREVER, like easily 4-6 hours (if you do EVERYTHING!) and who can face giving up that amount of time when you could be drinking wine, eating cake, playing with your kids, watching Netflix or drinking wine.

Did you know that sewing in name labels are the main cause of household accidents in the UK? OK, no they are not, but hands up if you have ever stabbed yourself whilst trying to be the perfect parent (probably circa when your kid was about to go into Reception Class)?

What about those sneaky little f**kers, the iron on labels. You manage to locate the iron at the back of the cupboard, dust off the cobwebs, spend hours ironing on those scratchy labels of doom and then next month you find them all in the rim of the tumble dryer FFS. It's like iron on label Russian Roulette when you send to kids to school not knowing if those iron on labels have lived another day or not.

And don't get us started on name tags. Don't even THINK about those little plastic bastards especially if your kids hate bumpy/twisty tights and socks. 

What if we told you you could STAMP your kids school uniform in under 10 minutes? Yes, TEN MINUTES? Stamptastic is the ULTIMATE parent hack! Our magic ink withholds 50 washes on care labels without fading. We know. You can thank us later. 

Ordering is easy. You customise your kids stamp online, making sure to add an ink pad to your order. Your order will be made and dispatched same day (if you place your order Monday to Friday before 10am) or next working day. 

You can even get your kids involved, they can choose a little icon to customise their stamp. This is especially helpful for those kids who are learning to read and can't yet recognise their names. 

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Lots of love Fran and Emma 👯


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