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    Parenting Hack – How To Get Shit Done

    Parenting Hack – How To Get Shit Done

    Parenting hack – How To Get Shit Done

    We’ve all been there. Desperately trying to get somewhere or get something done, yet the higher the stress levels, the more difficult the environment. It’s like a pressure cooker ready to explode. If this sounds like your household, there is one thing in particular you can do which might ease the tensions just a touch.

    Turn the situation into a game! My father-in-law once taught me that if you make something fun, children are more likely to engage in it without issue. Whilst obedience is important and we want our children to respect us and do as we ask, learning along the way that life is filled with jobs that are not fun but necessary, it’s not always the right moment. When you’ve got a finite amount of time before your schedule goes to rats having a knock-on effect that will last all day, you need to do whatever it takes to get the troops in line.

    Here are a few of our top games for you to try out…

    The Race

    Getting ready in a morning can be one of the most tough times of the day so why not try turning it into a competition? Uttering the words “I bet I can get dressed before you can”always works well in our house even when the tetchiest of moods is on the horizon (and that’s just my husband). Sparkling eyes and declarations of “NO YOU CAN’T!” result in a happy child moving like lightning through the motions of an otherwise laborious process.

    Timing kids to do jobs and pitting them against their best scores is also highly effective when time is precious. Tying shoelaces, getting school bags ready, even making the bed can all be added to the list of Home Olympics. And teaching them to keep pushing to improve is a good lesson for kids too.

    Silence Is Golden

    “Let’s play who can stay the quietest for the longest”is the hen-pecked parents’ dove of peace. Especially when there’s more than one child present to really up the competitive stakes. We’ve played this at home, in company and probably most satisfyingly, on long car journeys. There’s something about extended time periods in a confined space that can make incessant questions even less tolerable than usual, so use this game to your advantage.

    My Home Is My Castle

    Trying to get jobs (or anything) done at home with little ones can be a challenge requiring eyes not only in the back of your head but also in your knees, toes and the dog. Putting kids in a play pen so your attention can be elsewhere might not seem like fun for them and may even elicit screams of annoyance…but what about building them a fort? Or an under-the-sea wonderland? A simple play pen can be turned into anything you want with a few blankets, cushions and the right toys and imagination. This will keep them entertained while you whirl like a dervish through your To Do list. And if you don’t have a play pen, a travel cot works just as effectively.

    It CAN Be All Fun & Games

    Turning things into something fun can often take the pain away and it certainly works in our house. Why not give it a try in yours and see if you can turn difficult times into something more pleasurable? 

    We would LOVE to hear what you do! Let us know!


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