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    The Top 10 School Uniform Tips

    The Top 10 School Uniform Tips

    Here are some tips that we have learned along the way.....

    • Always have a look around your schools Pre Loved / Second Hand School Uniform Sale. There are some bargains to be had and even if you don't pick up all your school uniform there you can definitely pick up some spares! If you are not sure when the next sale is or if you are allowed to go, just telephone the school to enquire.


    • Ask in your local Mums/Families/Parents Facebook group to see if anyone has any old school uniform they are giving away or selling. This may bypass the need for Step 1 above and you might get some useful information into the school before you start.


    • For those children starting school for the first time avoid sending them to school in tights. They make toilet time (and PE changing time) more tricky and you want to avoid accidents wherever possible!


    • For new reception class starters try and avoid school shoes with fiddly laces and fastenings. See here for more info on school shoes.


    • Label everything! We may be biased but Stamptastic is definitely the best option for kids name labels! No more fiddly name tags for kids or itchy uniform name tags! Just stamp and go with the handy school name labels!


    • If your child has to wear a shirt it might be easier for them to dress and undress themselves with short sleeve shirts (less buttons) and less restrive and more comfortable to wear.


    • As soon as your child gets their place for starting Reception in September buy a few bits as soon as you can. This spreads the cost and the stress!


    • Don't leave it too late to buy school shoes. See more here


    • If possible buy stain resistant school uniform 


    • Save yourself the job of ironing and buy crease free non iron items where possible



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