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What’s the best way to label school uniform?

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As parents we feel pretty smug when we’ve bought the school uniform. But that’s actually the stress-free part (well apart from the school shoes 😂). The hard part is labelling kids' clothes when they are ready to go back to school and let's face it even the most organised parents among us leave the dreaded kids clothing labels until the last minute.

There are lots of different methods for labelling clothes, some more traditional than others. There are also newer methods to label school uniform that don’t involve school name labels at all. All methods vary in ease and length of time. Most of us want the quickest and most hassle free way to label school uniform so let’s investigate these methods and decide what’s the best way to label school uniform!

The most well known types of kids name labels for school and name labels for clothes for nursery are iron on name labels, personalised name stickers, fabric labels (also known as woven labels or sewn name labels), marker pen, name tags and the newer kid on the block the personalised name stamp!


Labelling Clothes With A Name Stamp

The new kid on the block (ish!). Launched in 2011 Stamptastic is famous for their Personalised Name Stamps. This clothing name stamp is personalised online and the magic ink withholds 50 washes on care/laundry labels without fading. The personalised name comes attached to a transparent acrylic block which enables you to see clearly where you are stamping. You can choose from a variety of cute icons to personalise your name stamp and this will help younger children to identify their belongings if they can’t yet recognise their names.

Stamptastic surveyed 600 customers and 99.6% said they labelled an entire set of school uniform in under 20 minutes, 98.6% said under 15 mins and 92% said they labelled an entire set of school uniform in under 10 minutes. 100% said they would recommend Stamptastic to their friends.

10/10 Stamptastic is the best way to label school uniform! Dispatched super quick, the ink withholds minimum 50 washes on care labels without fading. Label a set of school uniform in record time. No sewing or iron required!

personalised name stamp

Name Tags For Kids

Name tags for kids clothes is a generic term for personalised labelling for clothing but more specifically school uniform name tags are little plastic buttons that can be clipped onto your child's school uniform. Name tags for kids can be fiddly to apply, the packs do not contain many tags and extra tags can be expensive to buy and you will always run out when you most need them! Whilst name tags may last longer than Iron On Name Labels and Woven Clothing Labels they can be very itchy and uncomfortable for children and many SEN children refuse to have them in their school uniform. Plastic school uniform name tags are also not suitable for knickers, pants or tights because they can cause irritation. Whilst they can be recycled every school year Name Tags For Children's Clothes are plastic and not very environmentally friendly.

3/10 Name tags for school clothes are fiddly to use, Itchy and Uncomfortable to wear and Cost Per Use Expensive


Fabric Pens (or Fabric Marker)

Clothes marker pens, also known as laundry marker pens are a cheap way to label school uniform but it can take a long time to hand write names on to uniform labels. Also the well known brand of clothing marker pens can bleed on the label and make it very hard for a teacher to decipher the name on the label let alone your child. If you are looking for a non bleed black clothes marker pen then try this one here.

black marker fabric pen

 If you are looking for a white fabric pen, perfect for labelling school uniform items like sports bags, school bags, swimming bags, black PE plimsolls & school shoes, then click here.

white fabric pen

5/10 Fiddly to use, takes a long time, ink may bleed (but not the ones sold by Stamptastic!)


Iron Name Labels

Firstly, you need an iron to iron on name labels into school uniform 😏 Brownie points for you if you can locate your iron and even more brownie points if you can be bothered to set up your ironing board! Whilst it may seem like a good solution, ironing on labels into clothing can take hours and hours. Another huge problem with iron name labels is that they FALL OFF!! And unless you check your kid's school uniform labels daily you won’t know that they have fallen off. You will probably locate a whole bunch of the iron on school labels, months later, taunting you from the rim of the tumble dryer. By that time your child will have lost one cardigan, one jumper and one pair of shorts. 

5/10 Iron on school name labels are a pain in the neck to apply and fall off easily in the first term


Personalised Name Stickers

Personalised Name Stickers are easy to apply and can look nice but children often find them itchy and irritable to their skin. They often don’t survive a term through the wash and they are non-recyclable and made of plastic so not that environmentally friendly.

6/10 Easy to apply, look nice but can peel off. Made of plastic and non recyclable


Sew In Name labels (also known as Fabric labels)

Sew in Personalised Labels are the traditional way to label school uniform and children's clothing labels. You will need a needle and thread (anyone know where the sewing box is? 😬) and LOTS and LOTS of time and patience to sew in the fiddly little things. How long these fabric labels stay in your kids school uniform will depend on how good your sewing skills are. But be prepared to find them languishing in the bottom of your tumble dryer much like the iron on labels.

2/10 Ain’t no one got time for this shizz. Have a cup of tea, slice of cake, glass of wine or all of the above but don’t waste your precious time sewing name labels into school uniform

So to summarise, the best name labels for clothes is Stamptastic!

stamptastic personalised name stamp and ink pad

stamptastic deluxe bundle


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