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    How Do You Label Nursery Clothes?

    How Do You Label Nursery Clothes?

    Labeling nursery clothes is important to ensure that they don't get lost or mixed up with other items.

    Here are some steps you can follow to label nursery clothes:

    1. Choose the right type of label: You can use Personalised Name Stamps, iron-on labels, stick-on labels, or sew-on labels depending on your preference and the type of clothing material. Here is a comparison to find out which method is the best way to label school uniform.

    2. Decide what information to include: You can include the child's name, the name of the nursery or any other information that will help identify the clothing item such as a picture that they recognise. Stamptastic have a wide range of pictures to choose from, varying from hobbies, to transport to food to your favourite PAW Patrol characters!

    3. With Stamptastic you DO NOT need to wash and dry the clothing item before attaching the label to ensure that the ink adheres properly. You DO NOT need an iron, ironing board or needle and thread!

    4. Simply place a hard flat background (table/floor etc) behind the care label you wish to stamp, place the stamp into the Stamptastic Ink Pad (vertically no wiggling as the wiggling can cause the ink to smudge) and then stamp onto the care label. The Stamptastic Ink will dry in a few seconds. 

    5. Stamping is a lot quicker than ironing and sewing labels.  Iron-on labels are typically ironed onto the clothing item, stick-on labels are adhered to the clothing item, and sew-on labels are sewn onto the clothing item. Iron on, sew in and stick on labels can be incredibly itchy against children's skin and the labels fall off in the laundy

    6. Stamptastic Ink withholds minimum 50 laundry washes on care labels without fading.
    7. Repeat for all clothing items: Repeat the labeling process for all nursery clothes to ensure that they are properly labeled and easily identifiable.

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