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Make the Rules Day!

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Our brilliant fundraising team were on the look for ideas that hadn’t been tried before.  A slot was available on May 19th which coincidentally was the end of SATs fortnight…. Perfect for some Friday Fun!
After researching various options and presenting to our fundraising team a “Make the rules Day” was decided on.  The premise is simple.. Children get to “make” the school rules for one day only.  
Two weeks prior to the event we announced via class Dojo and on our socials as a “Save the Date”
We consulted the school council and they came up with a list that students and school staff could “make,” including- crazy hair, juice in water bottles, chocolate snack, trainers, different top, nail polish etc.  We suggested a maximum of four rules at 50p each on the day to keep costs and effort involved manageable for parents.. (this is always something the team are conscious of)
One of our committee members very kindly donated temporary tattoos which we sold before school for two days before the event, this raised £68 alone
We got all the school staff on board and it was a huge success. The students loved seeing their much loved teachers getting involved. They wore slippers and rocked some new hair styles.
The day itself was brilliant…. The rules selected meant that students could participate as much or as little as they wanted to, with some students going all out, while others kept things more low key .. EVERYONE was happy to have chocolate for snack time! 
Feedback from parents was really overwhelmingly positive.. 
One mum commented that she didn’t have to do anything extra, different t shirt, shoes, chocolate biscuit and juice and there was no cost other than the small donation.
We raised far more than I could have hoped for - Make the Rules has already been scheduled for the end of SATs week next year! Our school is relatively small with 150 students.
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