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    Review from Life with Halden Jax (Instagram)

    Review from Life with Halden Jax (Instagram)

    Motherhood is filled with wondrous fun things to do, but making sure your little ones clothes are tagged is most definitely not a one of those for me!

    I’ve saw a few friends use different methods, writing the name in or buying those sew in tags by the packs which I can guess could get really pricey over the years!

    My little one goes a childminder where there are kids of all different ages, and there is one the same age and size and they are little besties - who often wear the same coats! Thankfully he’s never came home with someone else's clothes yet but I can see how easily it could be done.

    Especially as he is due to start nursery next year - it’s too soon I can’t process how his toddler-hood has flown over so quickly! I'm excited to see him grow but wish he would stay my baby a little longer.

    Anyway, going off on a mam-xiety tangent there - I can see how easy it must be for little ones to accidentally take the wrong clothing.

    That’s where Stamptastic steps in. I'm a stationary nerd and own stamps of all shapes and sizes but these products are on another level! We were fortunate enough to have been gifted a Personalised Name Stamp, Stamptastic Ink Pad and White Fabric Pen. I'll quickly go into the main amazing points of the products first before I tell you my thoughts on them. So the ink pad itself lasts about 2000 impressions - wow - the stamped ink on a care label will last 50 washes on care labels before fading - again wow. The stamp is fully personalised, upto two lines of text and you can select different fonts and fun little icons too.

    Personalised Name Stamp

    There are a range of fonts, a cursive font could even help support your little one in learning their letters and replicating their name.

    The White Fabric Pen is a brilliant addition and something I can imagine would get missed by many, but school shoes!

    White Fabric Pen

    You can easily write the name of your little one inside their shoes on the soles - because its not limited you can pretty much write on any fabric and because its a marker pen its really easy and quick to do.

    Stamptastic Personalised Rubber Name Stamps

    For our stamp I sat with Alden and let him choose which stamp icon he would like to make it fun for him. I love to get him involved in things.He chose the dinosaur - the ‘Brachiosaurus - lonnnng neck’ to quote him! I chose two lines so I could fit his full name on the stamp. I made sure I pressed preview so I knew it would fit and picked a font and adjusted its size to make sure it did fit - we have a long surname so this was a must!! Within a few days we got our kit.It was packaged perfectly and Alden was more excited than me to get started with stamping. I rounded up some clothes and some toys to try out the fabric pen too.

    We stamped away until our heart was content on coats, clothes his bags, books and toys, basically anything I wouldn't want to lose. Then I rummaged around for more things to stamp when Alden went for a nap because it is sooo addictive be warned!! The customised rubber stamp was really easy to use, you don't need to wiggle around on the ink like some just a firm press and a firm press onto where you're stamping and voila.I was so surprised at not only how well it transferred but also on how clear the detail was.I could see the tiny details on the dino! The stamp is also a clear acrylic block so you can see through to make sure you have perfect placement if your anything like me and like things just so.

    The White Fabric Pen came in handy for some of his most treasured toys, the ones that he takes EVERYWHERE with him even to bed! Woody got an upgrade from his old owners name and a freshly written Alden and Jax on the bottom of his boots. I think he approved. Lol.The pen was so easy to use, give it a good shake and press the nib up and down until the ink flows then write.It was surprisingly super pigmented and clear compared to others I’ve used in the past. I’m very impressed/obsessed with Stamptastic I can see how I will use this all the time for many years to come, simply purchasing new ink pads when needed.I’ve also decided to use the fabric pen inside shoes to mark them as left and right to help support Alden in learning. Alden really enjoys using his stamp with his coloured ink pads to craft away he’s starting to copy letters so the stamp adds to our learning activities perfectly. I’d definitely recommend this to all parents, not only is it a fun thing to do for you and/or your little one, it saves time and money!

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