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    A Review From Fozia (Muslim Mummy on Instagram)

    A Review From Fozia (Muslim Mummy on Instagram)

    When my eldest started school one of the biggest issues for me was the labelling of the school uniform. I couldn’t not do as I didn’t want to be forever buying new items of clothing because she had lost them and they couldn’t be identified. So it was a matter of gritting my teeth and getting on with it.

    I always try to find the easiest and quickest solution. I hated sewing as I was likely to stitch my fingers together somehow; just writing her name with a pen wasn’t ideal as it would wash off relatively easily….so I ended up using iron on labels. But I hated them too as I felt they were fiddly and I almost burnt my fingers a couple of times (and the clothing too)! Yes I am not very good with the whole domestic goddess routine.  

    So when I heard about Stamptastic back in 2015 it was a relief! 

    When you compare the cost of the Stamptastic Ink Pad and the Personalised Rubber Name Stamps with other methods of labelling such as iron on/sew on labels you may be tempted to just stick with them. However since getting the Stamptastic Rubber Stamps we have never looked back and I do believe they are worth it in the long run. Every year since 2015 we have used the Rubber Stamps to label the clothes. The ink pad can last a year or so if kept stored properly to prevent it drying out, but even having to eventually buy a new ink pad was no chore considering how easy the stamps make it to label the girls clothes.  

    Obviously during the year you may end up buying new uniform if they have torn something or to change to the summer dresses in the spring/summer time. The thought of this no longer leads me to groan at the thought of having to label more clothes. We simply have to stamp and the labelling is done within seconds.

    Stamping is straightforward; gently get some ink from the inkpad onto the stamp and stamp on a flat surface. The stamps are transparent so you can see exactly where you are placing the stamp and position it correctly. The ink is also strong and can withstand lots of washes. I don’t ever remember having to re stamp the name within the same school year. 

    Since we received the stamps a few years ago Stamptastic have grown and we were pleased to see a much broader range of products.  The names on the rubber stamp can be now put onto two lines and there is a much wider range of icons that can be used. We love that the font and the size of the font can be changed to suit everyone so it is not the same font for all. 

    Stamptastic now have a wide range of gifts including some that can be personalised. As my youngest attempts to be a bit of a baking enthusiast and tries to convince me to bake biscuits regularly, the cookie stamps are ideal. The stamps include ‘Home Baked’ and ‘Made by Mum’ and add a bit of a twist to the cookies you make. 

    However our ultimate favourite has to be the beautiful Craft Name Stamp. With a child who loves to do artwork, she can now make her mark on them with her own personalised stamp!  (Although the Masterpiece Stamps are great for this too!) These stamps are also transparent which help with positioning them before stamping.

    Personalised Craft Name Stamp

    And the best bit? She has a pick of colours to choose from with a variety of coloured ink pads. Obviously being a pink and purple fan she opted for a lilac colour.

    Rubber Name Stamps

    Some of the gifts now available are pretty quirky.  A magnetic list pad caught  my eye. Yes a list pad doesn’’t sound particularly quirky but this is no ordinary one. It was perfect for me as it included a list for things I am ignoring and stuff I can’t afford; definitely how I feel these days! Have a look at the Notes To Self here!

    If you haven’t already I would urge you to give Stamptastic a go for labelling school uniform and also for gift ideas. 

    By Fozia Shah (Muslim Mummy on Instagram)

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