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    Reuben Rio Review

    Reuben Rio Review

    Hey, I am Chanté first time mum to my gorgeous boy Reuben-Rio who is 12 months old. We call him Reu for short. Reu is a baby model and has been signed since he was around 3 months old, he has worked with some lovely brands such as Mothercare and Studio.

    I firstly started this instagram account to document his modelling journey. He is a very active daredevil, loves climbing and jumping off furniture and giving mummy a heart attack.  As a first time mum I never really considered labelling his clothes. But after coming across Stamptastic on Instagram it reminded me that he would soon be starting nursery. Labelling his clothes will help prevent his clothes getting lost at nursery or being taken home by another child. This has never even crossed my mind before hand. I liked the idea of the Personalised Name Stamp and I didn’t have to get the iron out or sew the labels on.

    I decided to pick a elephant to go next to Reu’s name. As I have been obsessed with elephants since I was pregnant. Reuben’s nick name in my tummy was “Lumpy” the baby elephant in Winnie the Pooh. So the elephant picture was perfect to match the on going theme in his bedroom and his clothes. I also decided to pick dancing script for the font of the Customised Rubber Stamp.

    Personalised Rubber Name Stamp

    I loved the fact the ink withholds 50 washes on a 40 degree wash without fading. After reading all the benefits of the stamp I was happy with my design so when ahead and ordered.

    Once the the package arrived I was really excited to start stamping Reu’s clothes ready for his first day at nursery. The products are very simple and easy to use didn’t make any mess and I have washed his clothes a fair few times now and the stamps are still standing strong! It also came in really handy on his uniform T-shirt which we left and nursery and his was the only one with his name on! I’d like to say Thank you so much to Stamptastic for working with us.

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