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    Review By @MyLifeWith5

    Review By @MyLifeWith5

    From start to finish the Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps are easy to use. I have known about Stamptastic for a while but never made the investment and now I am asking myself why I waited so long! 

    The Stamptastic website provides fantastic fuss free ordering, there’s a little box on your screen that shows you exactly how your finished stamp will look and most importantly, if it will fit! With a selection of fonts and sizes to choose from you can ensure that your chosen name and icon will fit on your stamp. For example, Sophia-Rose’s stamp I had to use the smallest size font to fit her name on along with her icon, the font is still a perfect size to read once stamped.

    There’s a vast selection of icons to suit absolutely anyone! From animals and flowers, to rainbows and pineapples. I chose icons that suited my 5 children. Aaron has footballs because he’s football crazy! Roxanne chose the smily faced cloud for herself because she said it was ‘cute’. Jessica has the dog because she is dog crazy, Sophia-Rose chose the squirrel because it started with the same sound as her name and I chose butterflies for Haylie because I felt they really suited the pretty font.

    We also got a stamp that just has the children’s surname on, which is brilliant when it comes to things that are shared or will be handed down, my 4 & 5 year old share school cardigans because they are the same size so having just their surname stops them arguing ‘that’s not my cardigan it has her name on’ on their teachers will be able to get it to any of my children rather than dumping it in the lost and found box.

    Once ordered the stamps arrived within 48 hours which I thought was fantastic service, obviously they can’t guarantee the speed of delivery but I was pleased with it. The packaging wasn’t anything fancy, but you know what it is as soon as you get it and see that stamptastic logo sticker. Each stamp is carefully wrapped individually in tissue paper and the ink comes in its own plastic zip sealed bag. I also ordered a white fabric pen, mainly for writing the kids names on their book bags, saves me scrambling through them in the playground trying to work out who’s is who’s.

    I know at this joint most people would have carefully unwrapped the stamps, but I was far too excited for that and ripped into them without a second thought, I just wanted to see if the stamps look like how I designed them. And I was pleasantly surprised because they looked EXACTLY how they were when I ordered them. Also the ink pad is AMAZING! It smells just like marzipan! Rather than a strong chemical ink smell like most ink pads.


    The Customised Rubber Stamps are really easy to use, just press it down on the ink, no need to rock it, then just press it down onto the item you need naming, they suggest the care label is best and that the ink will last for 50 washes without fading. The stamp is on a clear plastic block and to ensure that you are stamping it around the right way, and you have the right stamp, there is a picture of exactly how the stamp will look once it has been stamped down, making sure you get it right every time.

     Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps

    I have now stamped all of their uniform, used their own name stamps on things like shirts and on Aaron’s trousers (he’s the only boy so no one to hand those down to) and then on cardigans and the girls pinafore dresses I have used the surname stamp so that these can be handed down, plus the younger girls share their school cardigans and they have a surname that sticks with you ‘BEALE’ Think Eastenders, haha. So the teachers will know who they belong to without having their first names, so fingers crossed, one of them would come home with it!

    Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps

    I have washed their uniform about 3 times now since receiving the stamps and the ink still looks as fresh as it did when I initially stamped it! Absolutely fantastic, and I have already been recommending it to my friends. At first the price seems a bit high, but when you think that you are getting a Personalised Stamp made especially for you and an ink pad that is suitable for 2000 stamping then you realise you are actually getting a great deal (1p per stamp), that’s a good few years of school sorted. Instead of running around at the last minute trying to find a way to label your kids clothes because they back at school and you have lost the labels from last year, or you realised they were rubbish and came off in the wash half way through the first week!

    Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps


    The white marker pen was also absolutely brilliant, I have used it to write my girls names on their book bags so we can all tell who’s is who’s as their original name labels have either fallen out or got wet and ruined in the rain. I also used it to draw two half circles on the insoles of my daughters shoes so that she knows which shoe goes on which foot.

    Stamptastic White Fabric Pen


    So to conclude I LOVE the Stamptastic stamps and I can happily tell you that I won’t be going back, they are a fantastic investment and suitable for so much more than just uniforms!

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