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    Review from Laura (Instagram)

    Review from Laura (Instagram)

    Hi, my name is Laura and you will find me over on Instagram at @rorie_rubie_graham. I am mum to four beautiful children, Louie 10, Darcie 7 and 22 month old twins Rorie & Rubie. I’m fairly new to the whole Instagram scene, I was abit late to the party haha and only joined when Rorie and Rubie were a few months old and started their first job at Hollyoaks!

    Fast forward a little over 12 months and you will see the highs and lows of our day to day life on our feed. The twins feature in the majority of our posts because my 10 year old thinks he’s 19 and my 7 year old won’t give me the time of day so for now the twins keep our page up and running!

    We have been very lucky and have had some amazing opportunities working with brands, most recently we were chosen to work with stamptastic and I couldn’t of been happier! As a mum of four children, two who attend the same school and two being twins I spend a lot of my time faffing around with the kids clothing sorting out who’s is who! Like it doesn’t take me long enough washing, drying and ironing it all!

    Stamptastic has been a life saver, it’s made the whole process so much easier! The Personalised Name Stamps themselves are so easy to use and literally take seconds to stamp up a full outfit. I use them on everything shoes, water bottles, suncream, packed lunch boxes literally anything I can get my hands on! It saves me so much time and also saves so many arguments between the kids! I can’t even explain how much value for money these are too, I specifically chose plain font and no picture on my stamps so that year after year I can use the same stamps I will only ever need to replace my ink pad as and when it runs out. So effectively I’ve saved myself years worth of name tagging purchases.

    Stamptastic Customised Rubber Name Stamps

    Although there are tons of lovely fonts and motif pictures for you to choose from if that’s what your looking for. So far I have been so impressed with how long lasting the stamps are they are recommended to withstand washes at a 40 degree heat but I often have to wash the kids whites on a 60 degree wash and they are all still good as new! I honestly couldn’t be happier with the service from stamptastic and the quality of the product.

    Stamptastic edit: Please note for best results we recommend stamping onto care labels.

    You can follow Laura on instagram here 

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