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    Review By Adventures Galore (Instagram)

    Review By Adventures Galore (Instagram)


    Labelling clothes.... does anyone else hate it?! I am definitely NOT a sewer and the thought of sitting for hours sewing labels and name tags into little clothes fills me with absolute dread. My eldest is currently at pre-school and due to start school in September, so the number of items requiring labelling is about to explode!

    In the past, I have unsuccessfully tried good old sharpie pens – the result was giant black smudges all over care labels.  Then I discovered the iron-on personalised labels, which seemed like a no-brainer. At first they were amazing, but ater a few washes they started to peel off, so I was back to square one. Luckily, I then discovered the wonderful products from Stamptastic!

    With Stamps Personalised to your child’s name, class or anything else that you desire, it is the perfect solution. The custom-made stamps can be used on almost all fabrics (for best results they recommend stamping on care labels), metal, wood and even some plastics. An added benefit are the lovely little symbols that you can add to your stamps to make items even more identifiable to children. I also loved the ability to pick from a variety of fonts, ensuring I selected one that was easily accessible for a 4-year old - including cursive a’s. 


    Along with the Personalised Stamps, I also received the Stamptastic Ink Pad. The ink lasts for an impressive 50 washes. Winning! Just make sure you always pop it back in the little plastic bag that it arrives in so that it doesn’t dry out.

    Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps

    To stamp your chosen item, you simply press your Personalised Rubber Stamp into the Stamptastic ink pad, locate the care label on your garment and gently press the stamp onto the care label. That’s it! It really couldn’t be simpler and even the kids wanted to have a go.

    Rubber Stamps

    The day after our stamping kit arrived, we headed to France for our annual skiing holiday. I stuffed the stamps into the suitcase at the last minute and I’m so glad that I did - they were truly invaluable. My eldest was in ski school every day and my youngest was in day care so EVERYTHING needed labelling - and there were a lot of layers involved throughout the week! I labelled coats, salopettes, snow suits, thermals, fleeces, gloves, T-shirt’s, hats, scarves, teddy bears, lunch boxes and even the boys snow boots! You name it, it had a stamp in it. Luckily there was a washing machine in our accommodation and with the rate at which my kids get through clothes, it was used a lot. Despite the washing, the stamp on every label looked as good as new and I’m certain that they will last the advertised 50 washes with ease.

    Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps

    I also received a great little White Fabric Pen, which is genius way of labelling dark items such a PE bags, the insides of shoes and even fabric lunch boxes! You simply write your child’s name on the item and away you go. I particularly love this for the shoe labelling opportunities! I dread to think how many children have exactly the same shoes at school.

    Whilst I’ve only had the products for a couple of weeks, I have told every Mummy friend I know all about them and will continue to rave about them long into the future. I honestly don’t believe there is a better clothes labelling solution on the market.

    For a clean, easy to use and long-lasting labelling solution, Stamptastic is definitely the way forward!

    Susan (adventures_galore)

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