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School uniform labelling! A Review By Two Twins Mumma

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School uniform labelling!

Honestly I would sit for hours writing in names into the children’s school uniforms and P.E kits! It would take me well over an hour because I have 7 children. 5 of them are school age so you can just imagine how many things I have to label. For the children’s uniform I try buy a few of each item so they can change every day and they are constantly losing their things, especially cardigans!

So when the opportunity came up for me to try out this product I jumped at the chance! I can’t believe I never bought one of these sooner.

I normally use a biro pen and after a couple of washes it would be faded. Then I would forget to re-write them, or sit and think I cannot be bothered to sit and write them all again!

The Customised Rubber Stamps last so much longer and I really enjoyed using it. There was a slight argument between the kids because they all wanted to help, pretty good for me it meant a chore of a job has turned into something everyone wants to do!

My partner even came and had a try I wonder if he will insist of stamping the next lot of clothes?

It was so easy to order too which was handy, I simply popped onto their website and ordered a personalised stamp for 7 of my children and 1 stamp with the children’s second name on. I did this because I tend to let my older twins share the same polo shirts so I find it easier to stamp a surname on. That way I can buy a pack of unisex tops and save money.

I choose different logos for each child too and there is so many to choose from flowers, cats, dinosaurs and many more.  My youngest twins will be starting nursery in January so I will be prepping all there nursery things and stamping them all ready. The little picture next to the names on the stamp will be perfect for them because they can’t read, but they can recognise pictures.

I choose the font Comic mainly because it’s easy for the older kids to read and look great. The size I decided on was 16 because I find the care labels a little small and this size was ideal for them, but big enough for the children to read it still.

The first time I was labelling the children’s clothes my daughter took over and was enjoying stamping them all for me she even wrote all the initials onto her brothers and sisters school shoes too! (She even polished the shoes before she wrote on them) Madison stamped her name onto her school cardigan and said ‘now I will be famous because I have my name stamped on my things,

How cute!

She got the camera out and took some photos with me so we can show everyone the product and she even did a little video showing everyone how the stamps work. Such a superstar!

I will be ordering her some of her own stamps for her birthday so she can get creative and get stamping!

I am amazed by how clear the stamps are as well I don’t know why but I kind of expected them to be faded. I stamped the names onto the care labels and made sure I followed the instructions. I have washed the kids things a couple of times now and they have worn there school shoes too!

Stamptastic Personalised Name Stamps

I must say I am massively impressed with the way the ink has stayed even after washing.

Stamptastic Rubber Name Stamps

I also find during the school year the children tend to need new school shoes! They never seem to last so the fabric pen and stamp is perfect for me! It’s so much quicker to use and looks very neat rather than me scribbling names using a pen. It’s one of those things once you stamp one thing you will want to stamp everything!

Rubber Name Stamp

I have stamped all sorts so there no worry of us getting muddled up with anyone else’s uniform.


Name Stamp for School UniformAs a family we love this not just for stamping into school clothes but it’s perfect for so many other things too!

The delivery was fast which was great because I had some new cardigans for the girls to stamp! I still never understand how they lose them all the time. Hopefully now if they go missing at school the teachers will know whose cardigan is whose!




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